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Lena's p.o.v

The doorbell rings.

Nick looks at me.

You are going to your room and don't make a sound. I'm going to open the door now, don't you dare trying to make a move on escaping love.

I walk to the stairs. I see Nick open the door and greet someone. I hold my breath and hide behind the corner. No way I would go upstairs without knowing if it might could be the police...

I hear him talking with a person. I try to make up what they are saying and who it is but they are to far away.

Nick turns around and I run upstairs. Did he see me? Oh man I hope not...

Suddenly, Jace comes into my mind. I remember how I cut him off at school... I was such a bitch. How could I act like that? He is my best friend after all.

I need to get my phone and call him. But this freak obviously hid it from me. He wasn't planning on letting me go. I see a window and look outside.


As far as I could see were trees. No sign of civilization. He is right. If I try to escape this place, he would find me within a few minutes.

Footsteps on the stairs.

At the end of the hallway, there is a door with my name on it. I make it to my room just in time.

A knock on the door and I hear two voices whispering.

He took somebody inside.

Nick opens the door and I see a man stand behind him.

Uhm.. who is he? I point at the person standing in the doorframe.

I couldn't see his face but he looks familiair....

Hello Lena.

My eyes widen. I couldn't believe he is here.

So there you go! part 15! I don't know how many chapters I'm going to make but it'll be awesome! xx Charlotte

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