Glass Butterflies Chapter 2 [Aylah Snow]

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Chapter 2


Aylah Snow


The shape of the butterfly was beautiful, yet terrifying at the same time. Where the cracks joined in their individual lines, gave of spider webs of miniature lines. But what had the power and the force to do such a mass amount of art in the space of a few seconds. My mind began to reel. Spidery cracks gave the butterfly its amazing pattern. It really was beautiful. I just stood there and started awe struck. Somewhere along the line I had lost my head phones. All I could here was the blood pumping in my ears. And the relaxing breathing emitting from Trace.

"Aylah we need to leave"

I didn't turn around to agree or look at his ever sweet face. He sounded a little breathless.

"Aylah we need to leave...NOW!" he repeated.

My mind was screaming at me to turn around and go with him. But my legs and feet just wouldn't comply. Instead they took me towards the window. Against all of my being. I was drawn to it. Like a moth to the flame. I hated it, the pain I felt, the unwillingness of it all. I couldn't stand to look at it anymore, but I daren't look away in fear that it would disappear, and all of this would have been a dream.

"AYLAH!" Trace screamed.

I heard him, I know I heard him. But I couldn't hear him. He sounded distant. My attention was being pulled forward just like myself. I couldn't stop it. It had to stop. Then it did. I don't know how it happened, but I was released from my daze. Then the most tremendous pain erupted throughout my body. My figure began to arch. My legs had collapsed beneath me. I screamed and screamed, but I knew, deep down, that I couldn't be saved. Ringing formed in my ears. I lifted my heavy arms and tried to block, but it didn't work. My chest was thrown forward as I fell backwards, and my body writhed in pain.

The tears began to stream down my face. My throat felt raw from the amount of screaming. Beyond the tears that had blurred my vision I could only just make out the vague shape of Trace coming to my aid. But I was long gone. I was going to die. In a hell hole of a train carriage, with an angel at my side. What was the world coming to?

Then it slowly began to fade. The ringing and the pain through my muscles. I felt myself jolt. My body was seizing, combined with the worried shaking of Trace. I could feel myself crawl back into the hell we call home. The pain was now just a fleeting memory that I never wished to visit again. The shaking slowed as I slowly became more aware if my problematic predicament.

"Aylah?!" Trace lifted my head to meet his gaze.

"Aylah? Can you hear me?"

His other arm reached across my body to my arm. When the bare skin connected, it was like nothing I'd ever felt before. It wasn't painful; it was a shock, like a literal electric shock. I flinched away from him. I fell back hard on to the floor of the carriage.

"Yeah I can fucking hear you, no need to shout" I pushed a finger in my ear and wiggled it about.

My whole body felt tender after the sudden pain attack. My ears felt as though they had burst. When I removed my finger I looked at the tip and saw a whole lot of blood. I felt it dribbling down the side of my face. Trace looked wounded but he quickly recovered.

"Aylah I wasn't shouting" he looked at me suspiciously as he spoke in a soft voice. A melt you down to cinder voice.

"Well it sounded like that...uhh hello major ear ringing" I made sure that venom dripped off of every word. I pointed to my ear.

Trace pulled a face that I think was meant to be anger. Oh fuck I pissed him off. Oops.

"Well sorry for fucking caring, I'll remember not make the same mistake twice" he spoke back sharply as he stood.

I slowly rose to my feet, I glared back at him. I was about to apologise when movement caught my attention outside the destroyed window.

I could see Trace turning to leave in the reflection. He had obviously been expecting an apology. I opened my mouth to shout him back, but instead of oxygen flowing past my lips, I felt cold, hard, shards shred my lips and tongue. I could taste the copper flooding my mouth as it ran down my chin and down to my shirt, where the 'Snoopy' designed absorbed it. I pulled a piece of transparent shrapnel from my lips; I winced as I did so. It turned it over in the palm of my hand.

"Glass? What the holy fuck?"

Trace had turned around and was beginning to walk over to my frozen self. He looked cautiously at the wounds that the unexplainable glass had created. I was turned towards the window. I couldn't make out much anymore. The moon had evaporated behind the silhouettes of the foggy cloud that hung darkly overhead, making the inside of the carriage, almost pitch dark. But not dark enough to conceal the horror I witnessed next.

A fist. A black decrepit fist was hurtling towards the crushed window. It hit the glass, and it was shattered everywhere. Trace threw me to the floor, and landed on top of me, to protect me from yet another attack of glass. It still struck me pretty hard. Hard enough to leave gashes on my face, and tear open the back of Trace's shirt. I could see the pale perfection beneath. The warm liquid flowed over my face.

"Stay extremely still" Trace whispered hurriedly.

I did, but the constant flow of liquid the dripped down my face was making it even more difficult. And I was finding it hard to breathe. Trace being on top of me, and to scared to breathe in case I inhaled blood instead. This didn't help my still whirling mind. Where did the glass come from? What was going on? I couldn't take it. All of the hope I felt at the beginning of my journey was now gone. Lost in a sea of darkness and loss and death.

The thing crept into the room. I could hear the clinking of glass. I could feel its cold presence and when I caught a glimpse of what the thing looked like. I really didn't like what I saw. So I did what any girl would do. I screamed.

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