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Near the mountains west of Knighton, there was an abandoned mine as well as an old abandoned tavern outside of it. Inside the mine was an army of monsters made from stone. Some were average human sized, some were big and destructive, some were just little rocks and some even looked just like gargoyles and harpies with wings. Some of the monsters were drinking some beer they got from the tavern and having a laugh while others while beating each other up. In the corner of the mine, Monstrox sat in a throne of stone while Roberto was making another sculpture. Monstrox had his arms crossed in an angry and irritated manner.

"Who do those brats think they are!?" He talked about today's events in town. "They think Merlok is great just because he stopped me that one time! What a load of bull flop!"

"Kids can be quite cruel and rube." Roberto continued working on his sculpture.

Monstrox grabbed a mug of beer as a monster walked by with a tray of it.

"Well back in the day, I was a force to be reckoned with! Even when Merlok beat me and my monsters, I was still going."

Monstrox took a sip of beer as he remembered some things from years ago.

"I mean, yeah I had to lay low for the next seventy years. But after that I got back to work. I was gonna take over Knighton with my new stone monster army. I even got a few people to join in."

Monstrox smiled a little as he talked. But it soon disappeared and turned into a grimace.

"But then that one kid messed up everything." He said with distaste. "When I was about to put my plan into action, he took my staff and broke it!"

Monstrox slammed his fist on the arm of the throne; making Roberto jump and look at him. He stared as Monstrox stared into space.

"He broke my staff and ruined my plan, just because he didn't want someone in Knighton to get hurt. Then I cursed him to teach him a lesson. Not sure if he really learned anything. And I lost all my human followers but you."

The necromancer took another sip as he thought about it more.

"Shame. He had so much potential. But he had morals unfortunately. He could've been like me. Powerful, handsome, good at the harmonica."

Roberto raised an eyebrow and sat away from his sculpture to look at his master.

"He was going to be like you because you were going to take over his body." The artist reminded; crossing his arms.

"Yeah, but still." Monstrox shrugged. "He was young and probably had a lot of years in him. He was scrawny and wasn't really fit but he didn't look too bad. And I was already teaching him magic, so he had a knack for it."

The necromancer took a big gulp of his beer; emptying the mug dry.

"I'm still ticked off about my staff though." He said as he threw the mug away. "But I'll have it good as new soon enough."

"At least you still have your bling." Roberto reminded.

Monstrox looked at his left wrist, which had a bracelet on it with several charms with ominous and frightening symbols.

"Yeah, but it's not enough to take over the kingdom. It's only enough to put a curse on someone." He explained. "If I ever want to fix my staff, I need Moorington. He has what I need to fix it."

Roberto was about to ask as the watcher came flying into the mine and landed on top of Monstroxs' throne. The necromancer smiled while the monsters stopped what they were doing and gave them their attention.

"Well look who's back. What's up?" Monstrox asked of the small creature.

The watcher made clicking sounds as it tried to communicate, but Monstrox and Roberto could not understand a thing. Monstrox looked towards the crowd of monsters.

"Hey, you!" He pointed to the one monster in front. "Come over here and tell us what batty here is saying."

The monster came forward and held out his arm. The watcher flew off the throne and landed on the monsters arm before making the noises again.

"Umm, he says that something happened at Knighton castle." The monster began to translate. "Merlok and the Knights went out of town, but they didn't come back. Clay went to look for them. They came back, but he didn't."

"What?! I need him for my plan!" Monstrox yelled out

"Calm down, boss. Deep breaths." Roberto tried to calm his master down.

"Hang on, there's more!" The monster said as the watcher made more noises. "Merlok said something. About Clay being trapped in dungeon. By, monsters?"

The watcher fell silent. The other monsters fell silent as they looked at each other in confusion. But one monster started to howl in laughter and soon, all the monsters started laughing.

"That's hysterical!" One monster shouted out in laughter.

"There aren't any monsters out there besides us!" A gargoyle yelled out as he held his sides.

"Looks like Merlok's finally losing his marbles!" Another gargoyle agreed.

"Yeah! Crazy old Merlok and his Knights think monsters still exist!" A harpy tried to hold back tears of laughter.

While the monsters were laughing their butts off, Monstrox sat back in his seat as he tried to process what he just heard. The knight he needed to fulfil his plan was now missing. He knew that this was going to slow things down, but something that he just heard made him think.

"Crazy old Merlok." The sentence echoed in the necromancers head. "Crazy old Merlok."

As Monstrox thought about it more, a devilish smile came through his hood. Roberto looked towards his master.

"What are you thinking about, capo?" The artist asked curiously.

"Do you know about that old abandoned looney bin in the dark woods?" Monstrox asked of his accomplice.

Roberto shuddered and shook as he recalled the place.

"The one where people disappear forever if they go inside? Why?" He answered back with a quiver in his voice.

Monstrox grinned with a ghoulish delight.

"I think I feel a plan coming on."

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