Chapter 63

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[ I Just Love The Song Above... Thats Why I Added It ]

(Taylor POV)

I Don't What The Hell I Was Thinking. I Never Thought Gemini Would Cheat On Me And Have A Kid Behind My Back With The Same Girl That Did Him Wrong. Wow. On Top Of That He Lying About It. His Ass Had To Go.

Ding Dong
Ding Dong

"If That Him He Gone Stay At That Door" I Said To Myself.

Ding Ding
Ding Dong

"Let That Be Him" I Added.

(Kendall POV)

I Don't Know Why It Took Me This Long But I Realize That I Cant Break No Happy Home Up. Plus On Top Of That My Sister Already Told Me How She Told Gemini About Me. Shoot Cats Out The Bag Why Not Just Go And Fix My Mess.

"Kendall Heeeyy" Tay Said After She Opened The Door And Saw Me Standing There.

"I Have Something To Tell You" I Said To Her.

"Sure Come In" She Said.


"So Tell Me Wassup" Tay Said.

"Is Gemini Here?" I Asked Her.

Now I'm Sure That Must've Been Weird. I Never Ask For Gemini.

"No..." She Said. "His Ass Is Out" She Added.

"Yeah I Have A To Talk To You" I Said.

"Tell Me" She Said.

"First Thing First" I Said. "I'm Not Gay" I Told Tay.

"What You Mean?" She Asked Me.

"I Been Acting Gay To Get Close To You" I Told Her.

"Who Got It Out For Me?" She Asked Me.

"What You Mean?" I Asked Her.

"I Kinda Knew... But I Don't Like To Judge" She Told Me. "Plus I Thought A Few Times You Were Watching Me Pretty Hard" She Said. "And For A Straight Guy To Act Gay Somebody Must Be Paying Them" She Told Me.

"Heeey Your Hard Not To Watch" I Told Her.

"Nope.... Don't Try That Now" Tay Told Me. "Stay Focused" She Told Me. "What A Coincidence Gemini Was Telling Me That You Not Gay" She Added.

"Did You Believe Him?" I Asked Tay.

"No Cause I Assumed He Didn't Know You And He Was Just Being A Jealous" She Told Me. "How Do He Know You??" Tay Asked Me.

"My Sister" I Told Her.

"Who's Your Sister?" She Asked Me.

"Dayna" I Said.

"Wow" She Said. "So Who Payed You?" She Asked Me.

"Tonia" I Said.

"Tonia??" She Said. "Why?" She Added.

"She Wanted Me To Spy On You And Gemini For Her" I Told Her.

"Wow.... I'm Guessing You Know About The Pictures?" She Asked Me.

All These Wows.

"I Dropped Them Off" I Told Her. "That's Why I Was Asking Was Gemini Here.... The Pictures Are Fake They Are Photoshop" I Told Her.

"I Don't Believe You" Tay Said To Me. "Did Gemini Send You To Come To Me??" She Asked Me.

"No" I Said. "Believe Me The Photos Are Fake And The Kid Belongs To Trey... Trey Didn't Want The Baby So Tonia Dumped The Kid On Gemini" I Told Tay.

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