Part 5

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The next morning

Should she feel guilty because she enjoyed it so much... Nooo, not at all, they were two adults just sharing a one night thing that with a lot of hope and prayers will turn to a beautiful baby in a few months. She was still deciding if she should open her eyes or not when she felt some noise near her and then a hand caressing her hair. She grumbled something for effect but enjoyed his light touch on her hair and face, then to her surprise she felt his lips on hers, she opened her eyes hurriedly and pushed him away surprised... She didn't expect that.

"What are you doing?!" said Nadine in a squeak as she sat up and covered herself more securely with the blanket, she looked at James who was sitting on the edge of the bed, looking really nice to tell the truth. With his wet hair almost covering his eyes and already dressed with his white shirt, his sleeve rolled up to his elbows and his black grey pants from last night. All rumpled as he was, he still looked as good as always.

"Good Morning to you too" said James smiling charmingly at her. "I thought you were never going to get up, so I had to take some special measures" His charming smile disappeared and he turned serious as his hand caressed her hair again. "How are you feeling?"

Good question... She was feeling damm good, a little hungry, but she hadn't felt this good in all her life, but she couldn't say that right? It will be a too compromising statement, the last she wanted was to create and awkward atmosphere after what happened last night, she wanted to keep themselves as good friends. "Good" was her simple reply as she smiled a little at him.

"Good? Is there anything else you want to say?" He looked really serious and it was getting her uncomfortable.

She thought for a while and said "Uhmmm, I guess I should say how thankful I'm to you for doing this for me. You know I love you so much, you are my best friend forever and I really appreciate you doing this for me." It was best if she took the first step to avoid any awkwardness. She took a deep breath and added "I hope you understand that I don't want this to change anything between us..."

"I know" He said in a blank tone and it got her more uncomfortable.

"... And if you ever need a favor from me, you can ask whatever you want, I will do it. I swear to you to do whatever you need from me." Said Nadine hurriedly tripping over her words, trying to calm her racing heart but for some reason the way he was looking at her was making her heart all uneasy.

"Are you sure about that promise Naddie?" asked James as he looked at her seriously.

Something in the way he said that made her press the blanket to her chest more firmly. "Y... Yes" She stammered suddenly feeling short of breath as James moved closer, their faces inches away. She stopped breathing the moment she felt the heat emanating from his lips near hers, she unconsciously closed her eyes and waited, but nothing happened, so she opened one eye to find James looking at her amused.

"I guess last night was more than good if you are willing to go for another round with your best friend forever." said James sarcastically, so not like him. For a moment he looked hurt, but he didn't say anymore and just showed her the contract she have given him last night.

She took the contract and opened it, hoping to find his signature in the document but to her surprise it was not there. "You didn't sign it? I told you it was best if we..."

"I won't sign that document..." was his simple statement.

"Why not?" asked Nadine a very uneasy feeling settling in her stomach. "Last night you promised you will..."

"I said I will look at it later and I did... And I decided I won't resign to my parental rights over our baby"

"You can't do that!" Nadine exclaimed standing up from bed to follow him, dragging the blanket with her. Suddenly she felt very exposed having this discussion just wearing a blanket around herself and with James completely dressed, he had the advantage, but she wouldn't back down on this. "James I thought I made myself clear when I said I wanted to have this baby on my own..."

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