Ch 5

  Kenneth followed Bernard as the group of Council men arrived to the Whitestone mansion, Bernard received news that there is a vampire in the Whitestone mansion and he is determined to take it out. Bernard angrily pound on the door as their maid opened the door and Bernard command: "We need to see the Whitestone sisters!" 

         Vincent lead Linda to his mansion as she sat down and Vincent said: "Can I get you something to drink?"  Linda smiled as she pushed him into his room and said: "No I just want you."  Vincent smiled at him as he pushed her back down to the bed said: "You know we are sworn enemies right? 

 Linda sat down on his bed as she play around with her purse said: "Yes I do but I tend to fall in love with the charming enemies." 

     The door opened as they heard footsteps downstairs, Vincent quickly straightened his shirt and said: "I will be back."  Vincent quickly rushed down as he greeted his father said: "Father we have a guest."  Linda quickly use her inhuman speed and went to the front door, Vincent opened the door and said: "May I introduce father, she is Miss Linda Valen."  Linda bowed and smiled sweetly at his father and said: "Greetings Mister Hughes, pleasure to meet you."  Vincent's father Cross said: "The pleasure is mine."  The door was banging as Cross opened the door it was their servant Pay, he said; "Master the council captured a vampire they are burning them now." 

      Charlotte looked at her sister Katherine had been posioned, she is going to make that person pay but now she needs to deal with the council outside. Faith couldn't hold them any longer, Charlotte bite her own wrist as she gave the blood to Katherine. Katherine wasn't getting any better, she brought her to the secret cellar down in the basement as she locked her sister up. Charlotte looked at the blood on her sister's hands she turned someone in the mansion, Charlotte told her servants: "Look for anyone unusual and bring him to me!"  The servants nodded and started looking. 

      Charlotte arrived to the door as she smiled sweetly at Bernard and bowed to him said: "Mr. Bernard what do you need?"  Bernard smiled at her and said: "Where is your sister?"  Charlotte smiled at him and answered: "She is at her lessons. What brings you here Mr. Bernard?"  Bernard said: "We suspect there are vampires in your mansion."  Charlotte chuckled as she said: "Vampires? My my Mr. Bernard you are a grown man how can you believe in something foolish and silly as vampires."  Bernard smiled and said: "Miss Whitestone open the door."  

Charlotte groaned and said: "Mr. Bernard this is our property we get to decide who to welcome and who to not."  

Bernard smirked as he kicked open the door and Charlotte fell back on the clear cut grass, Charlotte yelled: "Mr. Bernard you will respond to my father if you intrude!"  

Mr. Bernard walk close to her and said: "If I catch the vampire you will respond to your father for stopping me."  

Charlotte was speechless as Bernard yelled; "Brothers! Search the mansion get the vampire! And don't break Miss Whitestone valubles!"  

  Bernard smirked as he walked closer to the mansion, Faith quickly ran to Charlotte's side as she said: "Miss are you alright?"  Charlotte nodded as Faith said: "How about Miss Katherine?"  Charlotte nodded as she hope Katherine won't kill anyone at this moment.

       Bernard's men yelled: "Mr. Bernard we found him!"  His men held out the stable eyes as Mr. Bernard looked at his eyes it was bright red and his shirt is covered with blood. Bernard smirked as he took him out to the town square, Bernard closed the mansion door and said: "Thank you for your cooperation Miss Whitestone I will look forward hearing from your father."  

       Charlotte hissed as she went down the basement, her sister Katherine has sweats all over her forehead as she said: "Sister how are you feeling?"  Katherine weakly said: "Sister please just kill me."  

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