Chapter 33

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~Previously on Belong To You~

"RACHEL." Niall yelled at me. I felt someone grab my waist and start to pull me away. My helmet fell and I saw Niall trying to fight off two other guys. I screamed so someone might hear us. I tried to hit the person behind me but I kept missing. I was finally able to hit something. I heard a crack and was let go. I turned around and saw my captor holding his nose. He looked at me and tried to grab for me again.

I ran towards Niall who was still trying to fight off one guy. I was about to hit the other guy when I felt someone grab me then a cloth was placed in front of my mouth. The world around me started to spin and I felt myself collapse onto the floor.


WARNING- There will be a lot of swearing in this chapter (However it will be bleeped)

Rachel's POV

I woke up and found everything to be dark. A blindfold was taken off my eyes allowing me to see my capture.  

"Glad to see you're awake." I glared at the person in front of me. 

"Glad to see that your still a jerk." I told him. 

"Nice to see you again Rachel." 

"I could say the same thing but......I'm not glad to see you Ben." I spat at him. 

"Aw the b**** still has bite." I tried to attack him but his "security" came and held me down. 

"Why am I here?" I asked him. 

"You don't know?" He asked with fake interest in his voice.

"Your little boyfriend owes me a debt. So I took the two most important things he has." My eyes went wide. 

"Where is she?" I asked trying to jerk my arms free.

"Don't worry your precious baby is just fine." He smirked at me.

"What is one of your w****'s taking care of her." My cheek stung from the impact of his hand. 

"Watch your mouth." He growled at me. 

"I want to see her." I told him. 

"In due time. But first, let's catch up shall we." I glared at him. 

"What is there to catch up on your still a jerk. End of discussion." Ben went to hit me again but someone interrupted him. 

"B. This brat won't stop crying." A girl walking into the room holding my child. 

"Deal with it." 

" I'm not a babysitter. You deal with the brat." The girl handed Elizabeth to him and he held her as far away from him as possible.

"Let her go." He told his guards. I jerked away from there hold and went to my baby and took her in my arms. Elizabeth relaxed in my hold and her cries stopped. 

"Finally I thought she would never shut up." Ben said.

"Don't you dare talk about my child like that." 

"Aw does it hurt your feelings?" He teased me. I ran up to him and tried to slap him but I was stopped by his hand. 

"You're going to have to be quicker than that." He told me.

"Lock her up." Ben told his men then left me alone with his minions. His "guards" walked out of the room then slammed the door shut leaving me alone with Elizabeth. 

Niall's POV

"I want his head on a stake." I growled at the boys. 

"We're trying to find him. " 

"Well try harder." I yelled at Louis. 

"We're doing our best. But it's kind of hard when the boss keeps bring you in to YELL AT YOU." Louis yelled back. I glared at Louis then turned my attention to Harry.

"How's the tracking going?" I asked Harry. 

"No luck. I tried searching for the car but I lost it around Wenton street." Harry told me. I groaned then banged my head on the table. The door opened and footsteps came pounding in. I pulled my gun out and shot the wall next to the shaking boy in front of me. 

"You better have good news or this is going in your head." The boy nodded his head then placed the laptop in front of me. 

"What is this?" I asked him. 

"He sent a video message." I groaned. Then pressed the play button. 

"Missed me. It's been a long time." Ben wore his signature smirk on his face. 

"Why don't I get straight to the point. I have something or should I say someones you would like back. You know what I want. You have 24 hours to give it to me or I start shooting." The video ended and I slammed the computer shut. 

"What does he want?" Liam asked me.

"He's trying to take our territory. He thinks that just because he kidnaps a few people he can get my territory. HA." I told them. I pointed my gun at the shaking boy. 

"Now where is my good news. Cause all I'm seeing is a load of c***."

"Because.....of...the vid..eo we.....eee were able to......" 

"Able to what? Stop stuttering" I asked him. 

"We were able to track his location."

~To be Continued~ 


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