Chapter 15

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I was beyond sore. My back was sore, my legs were sore, and between my legs was definitely sore. I shifted in bed, loving the way the cool blankets wrapped around my body, and I felt so relaxed. My body felt whole and when my mind drifted to Eli, that foreign feeling rushed back, consuming me.

Everything about me felt different, powerful. There was a humming in my veins that wasn't there before and the tips of my fingers tingled. Opening my eyes, I slowly turned around and looked at the clock. 10:37 p.m. (22:37) Still Sunday.

Even though the room was dark, I could see clearly as if light were shining in it. I was still at the club and from the mute sound of music coming from downstairs, I could tell that the club was in full swing.

"I see Eli finally caved."

Without thinking, I jumped out of bed and shoved my hands forward, an invisible force shooting from my hands, pinning whoever spoke against the wall.

"Jesus, Alice! It's just me!" Damien wheezed, clutching his throat as I squeezed my fingers tighter, the invisible force mimicking my hand movements. "Alice!"

I released him, eyes wide as I watched him fall to the floor, coughing. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry!" Damien stood up slowly, a deep frown on his face. I took a step back as he walked towards me.

"You reek of Eli." He stated, finally stopping when the back of my legs hit the bed. "You'll have to be more careful now. But you should be fine now that your memories are back, which also means you know how to use your powers properly."

I was silent as I shifted through my memories, trying to find new ones. "Am I supposed to, I don't know, see things differently now? The only thing that seems different is the fact that I feel ten times more powerful. Kinda." I said. Damien squinted his eyes at me and came closer.

"Do you know where Eli went?" He asked.

"Um, some place called Lyonus. I don't know where that is, though." I answered and I smelled unease coming from him.

"Did he go to the Kingdom or to the outlands?" I frowned, confused.

"The what?"

"Do you know if he met with Charles first?"

"Who is that?" I asked, my brain working hard to figure out what and who Damien was talking about. He kept firing questions at me until he brought his hands up to grip his hair.

"Oh, my god." He breathed, slowly walking away from me to pace around the room. "This is not happening. Eli is going to kill her."

"What's not happening?" Damien ignored me, running his hand down his bare face as he continued pacing, muttering something to himself. "Damien!"

"We have a slight problem." He said finally, turning to me, his black eyes wide with worry. "And by 'we' I mean you."


"You, um, kinda didn't get your memories back."

I blinked. Twice. Three times.

"What?" I said, making sure I heard correctly. Damien sighed and walked towards me speedily, placing his large hands on either side of my head. I was about to protest, but he closed his eyes and started muttering something in a language I didn't recognize.

My temples started to burn where his fingers were and before I could protest, he let me go, a foreign expression on his face. Almost like...fear.

"What's wrong?" I asked, reaching out to touch his arm, but he pulled back, seemingly lost in thought.

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