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Hi, Im Amaury Hilton Mar Mar for short, Im 16 ,Jamaican mixed with African ,German and Indian decendants .I have long dark natural hair reaching me in the middle of my back .Im 5'9, I have a Caramel Complextion.I have thick thigs, fat ass and C cup boobs, pretty nice if u ask me lol.I enjoy singing ,dancing and writing songs , im pretty goofy and fun to be around ,but a real bitch when you get on my wrong side ill give you the jamaican beat down ;). Anyways imma let me meet the others , Bye Bye :).


Wassup yall, Im Chris Bradknock, 16, Im 6'0 , Dark skin ,low cut curly hair. Real Swagy Boy.I've known Mar Mar since the eighth grade she's like a sister to me , doing everything i can to make her have the best first experience in NYC. We bout to turn up! YAHH!


Hey yall ,Im Devon Reily Dev for short, 17 , 6'4, Light skin ,low cut curly hair ,Im tatted.School basketball star, biggest thug in Westbourgh High.Hoes love my me but We dont luhh d'ss hoes .Im pretty cool ,real chill once you get to know me well.Tryin to find which girl can make me settle down.


Hi guys , Im Karmen Rodriguez Kar for short , 16, Im latina mixed with black , Im a light caramel complextion.I have long dark brown hair down to my butt. Thick thigs, fat ass , C cup boobies lol think there to small :( . Anyways im Amaury's bestfriend. I can sing , dance and many more stuff but dont wanna talk to much about my self so bye :).


Sup yall, Im Josh Cole, 17 , 6'1 , light skin , low fade.Real chill ,funny ,im a real jokester lol!... I love having a great time with ma niggas ,I work with Devon in the business but i dont mess with hoes i love my girl karmen she my ride or die. Anyways Peace! ;).

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