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"Alright,Raven we better check out the areas." 

Jim says before I head down to the left side and continue to walk my way down the abandoned alley way. I heard footsteps and quickly aimed my gun up just in case, "I know you're out there..come out!" I shout.

I waited a second and took a step forward only to be scared by a couple of pigeons, "Shit..that scared me." I mutter and save my gun.I look down to my arms and only see scars and my open wounds,I pull down my sleeve and meet up with Jim.

"Hey have you heard?"

I hear a couple of men begin to talk, "Mooney has been robbed."

"Impossible! Who's the theft?"

"It's a girl about in her twenties,she threatened Fish and escaped with a lot of cash."

"Well sooner or later they'll find her."

Hmm? Who are they talking about? I decided to move on as I see Jim inside a diner, "Jimbo! I thought you left me alone to die partner."I joke. I tilt my head and see him distracted. I whistled and snapped my fingers in front of his face.

"Jim.You okay man?" I ask when he meets my eyes.

"Y-yeah i'm okay." 

He seems distracted an awful lot I wonder what's up with him.He shakes his head and begins to drink a beer, "It's just been a long night."

"You okay with Barbara?"

"Yeah we're fine..we just met up with an old friend." Jim fakes a smile and continues to drink.Hmm....


"You've been working pretty well,Raven.We need more officers like you." My boss says after handing me my check.In no time i'll be making a whole lot of money thanks to Bruce too for letting me stay at the manor. If it weren't for him i'd be no one..

I was about to head back home when I heard gunshots and I heard someone asking for Jim Gordon.Glancing over to him I saw him look back at me then walking outnof the office, "The guy is just here for Jim?" Whatever might he need.Wait! He did say his name is Victor Zsasz.

"I'm also here for a girl names Raven.." 

Jim looks back at me surprised,we both walk out and see a guy with two girls completely armed.I wasn't even paying attention until more gunshots were heard and one passed by my shoulder.

"Come on!"

Jim and I began to shoot but my gun was already empty.I forgot to charge it with the bullets, "Let's go." I tell a wounded Jim and we run as fast as we can to the parking lot in the back, "Enough playing games guys." We heard Victor.

Great how are we gonna escape outta this?! My partner is wounded and so am I.I found an extra bullet in my pocket and quickly got up but Victor shot me,I winced and looked around the place,seems like god did hear me and Harvey came in and saved us,I opened the window and aimes my gun up and also shot Victor. "What the hell? Why did that guy wanted to kill us." I say after.

After Jim told me what he came for I know I have to be extra careful,I don't wanna leave Gotham..not yet.

I jumped into the bath and began to clean my wounds, "Everything alright miss?" I hear Alfred ask from behind the bathroom door.

"I'm okay Alfred!" I shout as I stare at my arms and slowly trace the scars.

"Master Bruce has been asking me if you'll be joining him for dinner-" 

"Yes! I'll be joining him..i'll be downstairs in a minute."

I heard him walk away leaving me thinking about everything,will Gotham be my home permantly forever? Will i live my life as a cop from now on in the worlds most dangerous place?...will someone love me?

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