Bright(Harry styles fanfic)

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"Everyone has both darkness and light, it just depends what side we show," He says as I stare at his illuminating face from the moon.

"So you decide to show your dark side," I say raising an eyebrow.

"Those who fear darkness," He says stepping extremely close, "Have no idea what light can do."

I stand there shocked. What did he mean exactly and where'd this even come from. I was about to speak but he stopped me.


"Stars can't shine without darkness. That's invalid however. Darkness is not the absence of light, it's the absence of you. You losing yourself to the darkness, the brightest star can even burn out and I just want you to realize there's a lot more to me then the ink on my body and what I tell. I'm a closed story however, so I let people judge, like you for example, because nobody will ever no my real story," He says looking at me dead in the eyes. My eyebrows furrow together in confusion as he saunters away mysteriously as the darkness of the alley hid his shadow into the depths of darkness.


Hazel was a bright innocent girl while he was the devil. Actual devil? No but close enough to one.

"You can't fight the dark," He warned his shoulder brushing mine every now and then, his pace and foot step equal to mine.

"You can wait for the light," I protest.

"in the dark," he counter agrued.

"you can look for the light," I suggested.

"In the dark," He adds again.

"Or! You can shine," I say. He was about to speak but I interrupted those three words, "You can shine. Push the dark away."

"Every candle light burns to ash, every light bulb eventually runs out, but the darkness is always there," He says stopping in his tracks as he shoves his hands in his slim dark pockets.


Me again. um hi! (: I hope you like this. I was nervous to publish but I got high value towards it like with details and stuff so yeahh! (:

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful wednesday! (:

April first was yesterday! haha omg, the pranks we pulled on our teachers... but that's for a later time!


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