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Samantha's (POV)

I was driving home. I was thinking about who was his guy, who is Sheldon Johnson? All I remembered was his face in a book all the time. Suprisingly, he wasn't the Valedictorian, but he always got good grades. He was was a long haired skinny freak! I mean, when his face wasn't in a book, he would be filming every f*cking thing! I got home and Googled him, just in case. Nothing. I called Jeremy.



-Well that was fast!

-Ugh, what do you want, Sam?

-Find out everything you can about Sheldon Johnson, he was with us in high school.

-And why should I do that?

-Because I'm threatning you!

Without a second thought I hung up. I could feel my devilish smile growing.

-Hey, would your brother mind if he helped me with the David thing?

I hear Danielle's voice in the back of my neck while she gets closer.

-I don't think so. Why?

-Well, I've never met him


-He's obnoxious, but he'll help my best friend.

When Danielle arrived to Smithdale High School, Sebastian was already 18 years old and went to college in Spain. She had just seen him in photos.

-Why do you hate your brother so much?

-I don't hate him, it's just he gets all he wants!

-Someone's jealous of her big brother!

-Shut up!

-It's so fun to tease you!

-I have to go, bye.

I went to Jeremy's dorm, which is on the other side of school and knocked on his door.

-Hey, you didn't say you were coming over.

There he was, young Jeremy Fallon, shirtless.

-Nice abs!

-I've been working out.

-I brought the senior yearbook just in case.

-I've already found a little. Sheldon Johnson, born on December 19, 1992 and currently studying in Penn State.

-That's not that far, we can go!

-Like a road trip?

-Exactly, but put on a shirt please!

-Quite frankly, I like this look.

-Just put on a f*cking shirt and let's go.

-Fine, God!

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