Chapert One:

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Otabek unwillingly shrugged off this covers and made his way to his dresser as his mom was yelling at him to get up. Realizing it was Friday mad him almost sad because he would have to begin working at the hospital tomorrow. Also would wouldn't be at school with friends, but with his parents at home.


Otabek had not been at best terms with either of his parents since he recently came out as gay to his homophobic family.
After he was ready, he went out the door to wait at the bus stop. Carrying only this backpack he made his way up the few stairs onto  the camped public bus. To get to school he would have to wait 9 more stops then walk an extra mile. His school was too small for him to get a school bus so he took the public transport every day.

"Hey Otabek!"

A happy voice coming from behind him sang. It was his best friend Mila who was joined at the hip my Sala her lovely girlfriend.

"Hey Mila, Sara, good morning!"

Otabek said back as he was on his way to the cafeteria to get coffee but was stopped once more by Mila.

"Did you get your service hours done yet?"

"No. I hardly got any, but I am volunteering at a hospital starting tomorrow so I'll get them done soon."

"You better get then done so you won't have detention! Again!"

At this point they were both glaring at each other. After a couples seconds for glares, Mila and Sala happily skipped away while Otabek made his way to get his coffee he desperately needed. The previous semester Otabek had failed to actually do any hours and got detention for a week and has to do extra hours this semester.
Otabek doesn't enjoy volunteering because he gets social anxiety. He thought working at a hospital would be a good idea since he could probably just get away with reading to some little kids for awhile. He didn't mind kids that much but he didn't want to have to work with adults and actually have to talk with them.

* Time skip*

When Otabek got home he did his homework, eat,  and washed up, relieved he got all this done without having to talk to his parents except say "hi" when he came in. Upon going to bed he began thinking about going to the hospital tomorrow and a pit grew in his stomach. Not from fear but from something unknown. Something that began exciting him for some reason he couldn't think of.

I'm probably going to be writing short chapter every 2-3 days. If I ever make any mistakes please comment them.

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