"Baby you light up my world like nobody else! The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed! But when you smile at the ground it aint hard it to tell. You don't know oh oh! You don't know you're beautiful!" I danced around my room singing in to my hairbrush, at the top of my lungs. I looked at the poster of my favorite band.

"If only you saw what I could see, you'll understand why-" The music stopped and only the sound of me yelling "I want you so desperately" filled the room before I realized the music had stopped. My hand with the hairbrush microphone fell to my side, and I spun around. My best friend stood by my stereo, breathless and sweaty.

"Cayley!" I complained. "What'd you do that for?" She raised up and looked at me.

"Trust me, Nicole." she gasped. "You'll thank me for it. I just ran all the way here from my house!" Her house was like half a mile away from mine. I raised my eyebrow.

"And whyyy did you do that?" I had a hard time walking two feet, let alone running half a mile. Don't get me wrong, I play volleyball, and I'm a fast runner. I'm just really lazy and choose not to exert anymore physical activity than necessary.

"Because! I like to run!" She snapped sarcastically. "You're never gonna believe this Nicole! I just got front row tickets to One Direction's Concert!" She yelled. The hairbrush fell from my fingers, and I screamed. Cayley grinned widely, and nodded her head enthusiastically. I ran over to her, and picked her up. Hugging her tight, I spun her around.

"Can't... breathe... Nicole.!" she gasped. I laughed and sat her on her feet.

"How did you score front row seats to One Direction? Their whole tour sold out in under 12 minutes." I stated.

"A contest on the radio. You had to call in, and they gave you a question to answer. If you got the question right, you won 2 front row tickets. They asked. I answered. And here I am." She said happily, sitting down on my bed.

"What'd they ask?"

"Where Niall was from. Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland. Duh. I know my Niall." Cayley trailed off dreamily.

"I guess it was a good thing it wasn't a Harry Question huh?" I laughed.

"I don't know. Considering you never shut up about him, I probably could have answered it." she shrugged.

"Ahaha! You're so funny!" I said sarcastically. She rolled her eyes at me.

"Do you think we'll get to meet them?" She asked hopefully.

"I don't know. Maybe. They might pull us up on stage. They sometimes do that to girls who are in the front row." Cayley sighed happily and flopped back against my pillows.

"Cay, do you have to do that! You're all sweaty! And those are my fresh covers."

"Sorry." She said contentedly. I noticed her staring at Niall in the picture of the band I had on my ceiling.

"Any ideas what we're gonna wear?" I cast my eyes sadly to my closet and frowned. "I have nothing worthy of meeting One Direction in it. I mean honestly, can you imagine me meeting Harry Styles in this?" I crossed over to my closet and picked out my favorite shirt. It was a Tye dye shirt I'd gotten at a volleyball tournament. I looked at the shirt, and then back to Cayley. "Cause I can't." I put it back in it's place in my closet, and slid the door shut so I didn't have to look at my disappointing wardrobe.

"We can go shopping." She suggested. I walked over to my jewelry box. I pulled out the money I had stashed there. It was half a paycheck for the last month. My paycheck was about $100 considering I was still in high school, and didn't get many hours.