Chapter 29

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Miyuki, Legolas & Gimli arrive to find Aragorn kneeling beside Boromir. The man is dead, three arrows in his chest. Legolas looks sadly at the two men while Gimli bows his head & turns away. Miyuki just watches in silence, an unreadable expression on her face. Aragorn stands.

Aragorn: "They will look for his coming from the White Tower. But he will not return."


Boromir is laid to rest in one of the boats. His sword rests with him, his shield is above his head & his split horn at his side. As the boat is about to pushed out onto the water, Miyuki places a hand on Aragorn's shoulder.

Miyuki: "Wait."

Taking a stone from the ground, she walks to Raiden. Bending down, the dragon touches his nose to the stone. Shimmering light engulfs the stone as it begins to change shape. When finished, Miyuki holds a glistening diamond. Going over to the boat, she places the diamond in the fallen warriors clasped hands.

Miyuki: "A last gift for a valiant warrior."

The boat is set adrift upon the river. Carried by the water current, it slips over the falls of Rauros. Gimli watches the boat disappear as does Miyuki. Aragorn puts on Boromir's vambraces. Legolas shoves a boat into the water.

Legolas: "Hurry! Frodo & Sam have reached the eastern shore."

Aragorn stands still & says nothing. Puzzled at first, Legolas then realises & turns to face Aragorn.

Legolas: "You mean not to follow them?"

Miyuki: "Frodo's fate is no longer in our hands."

Turning from the river, the dragon master walks to her dragon, mounting. Thinking about the two kidnapped hobbits, anger simmered inside her. The enemy would pay.

Gimli: "Then it has all been in vain! The Fellowship has failed."

Walking over to the elf & dwarf, Aragorn puts his hands on their shoulders.

Aragorn: "Not if we hold true to each other. We will not abandon Merry & Pippin to torment & death. Not while we have strength left."

Removing his hands, the man moves a few paces back.

Aragorn: "Leave all that can be spared behind. We travel light. Let us hunt some Orc!"

Legolas & Gimli look at each other, grinning. A small smile crosses Miyuki's face.

Gimli: "Yes! Haha!"

Aragorn runs into the woods, followed by Gimli & Legolas. Launching himself into the sky, Raiden & Miyuki follow the threesome by air.

Sorry for no update yesterday. I traveled to my A-Level school to talk to some younger girls about studying the Classics in University. Was so happy cause I finally got to see my lovely A-Level Classics teacher again! Also sorry that the update's kinda late today. Been feeling horrible all day so mostly been sleeping. Still, managed to get up a short chapter. Hope you enjoy.


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