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You might have seen me
Oh, you see me every day, I'm mostly brown
Sometimes gold like sunrise
At times even red as sunset


I'm what makes the plants grow
Which in turn feed your rumbling belly
And what do I get in return?
Being stepped upon and thought of as dirt


But you should learn
What humbleness is, from me
Raise me up to the skies
Still, I never forget my ground


Without me, you wouldn't live
And death would bring you to me
Strange isn't it? The one who helps grow
Is the one to gather the dead


Hi, everyone! 🙆 This is my first attempt at poetry and I really had a feeling to try it. I wrote this in three minutes, in one go.

I love the soil and I genuinely feel connected to it. I'm crazy about the smell of wet soil and I can sniff it for hours LOL.

aloststoryteller, AYS_621 and x_xDieHardNerdx_x, thank you so much for encouraging me to try poetry. What do you think of this? Please tell me honestly. 😀

Should I continue writing poetry? Please give me your views.

Keep smiling! 💕
Lots of love ❤💙



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