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Luke was drunk, 'off his face' as Harrison had pointed out, trying to get the twenty five year old some water to sober him up, but Luke was having none of it, asking the bar tender for another drink while Imogen pressed napkins to Harrison's shirt...

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Luke was drunk, 'off his face' as Harrison had pointed out, trying to get the twenty five year old some water to sober him up, but Luke was having none of it, asking the bar tender for another drink while Imogen pressed napkins to Harrison's shirt where Luke had spilled the water that was offered all over the poor boy.

"I'm really sorry Haz." Immy mumbled, she was embarrassed, absolutely mortified, she couldn't believe this was happening to her, or that Luke could even let himself get this drunk, he was supposed to be making a good impression in front of her new friends, it was bad enough that none of her other friends liked him, but she had such high hopes this time that shattered to the ground the minute the couple walked into the restaurant.

"Don't be silly Im, it wasn't your fault. Just wanted to help sober him up a bit."

"But I-"

"Imogen, stop it. It wasn't your fault." Tom butted in from the other side of the table, flashing a smile which she returned before trying to calm Luke down again.

"Luke, listen, I think we should go." Imogen groaned, grabbing her purse from the table and wrapping her jacket around her shoulders.

"We can't go! It's your birthday party, you're supposed to be having fuuun!" Luke's words were slurred and she could barley make out a word he was saying.

"Luke, I swear, get off your ass right now." Imogen's voice was filled with anger as she spoke with gritted teeth, she thanked everyone for her birthday dinner before she made her way towards the door with Luke trailing behind her, he was consistently trying to hold her hand but she was so angry and embarrassed that she couldn't show any affection towards him.

The minute they left the restaurant blinding white lights flashed in front of them and she knew the photos would be headline articles tomorrow morning.

Immy kept her head down, ignoring the paparazzi's shouts as best as she could but quickly picking up on the question that was repeated quite a lot, "do you know he's cheating on you?"

Once the couple got back to the hotel room, Imogen had her shoes kicked off at the door and her purse thrown on the bed before she collapsed onto it herself. The two were quiet, but Imogen's thoughts were eating her up and she had to know the truth.

"It's true, isn't it?" She was playing with the hem of her black dress while Luke sat at the end of the bed.

"What? I don't know what you're talking about."
"What's her name?"
"Imogen, I don't kno-"

"Jesus Lucas! I've been lying to myself for months now, acting as if my friends weren't right but I can't do this anymore, I don't deserve to be treated like this! I just- I don't. I don't deserve it."

Tears were welling up in her eyes now and she couldn't wait until this was over.

"When's your flight home?"

"Tomorrow." he mumbled, pushing his long locks behind his ear, she was surprised how fast he had sobered up the minute she threw an accusation at him.

"Good, go to my house and take all your stuff and find somewhere else to live."

"What? What are you saying Immy?" He was walking towards her now with shaky hands, about to plead for her to think things through, that they didn't have to break up. He was wrong, she wasn't thinking twice about this.

"I'm saying we're over, i'm done. I'm breaking up with you, sorry if your ego just took a hit." She informed him, throwing his clothes into the suitcase he had brought with him and zipping it up once it was full of all his things, she walked over to the door and placed it in the hall, waiting for him to catch a hint.

"Leave, find another room in this hotel or don't, just leave, I don't want to see you ever again."

"Are you kidding me right now, Immy?" Luke stood with his hands in his pockets while she shook her head.

"Get out, please, just leave." And after a lot more arguing he finally did leave, and she hoped he wasn't in her house when she finally got back to L.A.

It had been about a half hour, Imogen was finally collecting herself, wiping tears that she hadn't even realized were there, she pulled her phone of her purse, deleting all of her photos that included Luke from her instagram, sending a message to the teen wolf group chat saying 'sorry I never listened to you all.' and then started getting ready to go to sleep.

As she was taking her makeup off there was a loud knock at the door, she choose to ignore it hoping that Luke would go away, but he still knocked on the door.

"Luke, will you just piss off!" she yelled opening the door, but was shocked to see Tom standing there with a sympathetic smile on his face.

"Sorry, I thought you were Luke." Imogen's cheeks were flushed pink, embarrassed by her loud outburst and also because she looked a mess, she had no makeup on, her hair was messy and she was wearing her pajamas, but Tom thought she looked adorable.

She moved out of the doorway to let him in, closing the door behind him she tried to fix her hair while he wasn't looking so she didn't look as bad as she thought she did.

"Sorry to disturb you, it's just.. I seen him downstairs looking for another room and he told me what happened, and I just wanted to make sure you were okay, no one deserves to go through a shit breakup, especially not on their birthday."

"No it's okay, honestly i'll be fine."

"Immy, please, I just wanna make sure you're gonna be okay, i'll sleep on the floor but i'm not leaving you tonight." His jacket was on the floor creating a make-shift pillow as Imogen rolled her eyes.

"But what about Harrison?" Now it was Tom's turn to role his eyes.

"He's an adult Immy, he can look after himself."

"Okay, thank you Tommy."


a/n: sorry i've been rubbish at updating lately, hopefully more updates soon but I can't promise lot's!! Also, I met the vamps a week ago today and i'm still shook up over it, but if you're a fan of them and thinking about getting VIP i highly recommend it because they were so lovely and they give you hugs and ugh they were the nicest people i've ever met!!