Its All About You Part 1.

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I felt kisses on my face making me smile a little and pull her closer to me. I heard her giggle making me open my eyes slightly and smile at her. I loved waking up to Hailey in the morning...its legit like waking up in heaven. 

Y/n:"Morning babe"I said kissing her neck and wrapping my arms around her. She kissed my cheek and smiled at me.

Hailey:"Morning baby"She said in my ear making me hum and kiss her neck again"Do we have to leave?"She asked making me chuckle and pull away. I sat up and nodded.

Y/n:"Sadly we have to babe"I said making her pout and straddle me. She looked at me and pecked my lips.

Hailey:"Can't we stay another it gives us more quality time together"She said making me chuckle and shake my head.

Y/n:"And I would love that but you have the Gala coming up and I'm gonna release the album not to mention we still need to make time for us"I said winking at the end making her blush.

Hailey:"Well you must be excited"She said smirking at the end. I blushed embarrassed by my morning wood. She giggle and kissed my lips"You're so cute!"She said kissing my face. I gripped her waist a little and kissed her neck.

Y/n:"You're so beautiful"I said while kissing her neck. I didn't need to pull away to know that she was blushing making me smile a little. I sucked in her neck making her moan and tilt her head to the side a little giving me more access.

Hailey:"Babe our flight is in an hour"She said making me hum and continue.

Y/n:"Babe its my jet....they can wait"I said in her ear making her moan and connect our lips. She pushed me back so I was laying down and kissed from my neck going down to my boxes.

Hailey:"Need help babe?"She asked removing my boxes. I moaned and nodded as she cupped my member and started jerking me off.

Y/n:"Hailey"I moaned as she kissed the tip. Her lips wrapped around my member making my whole body go into pure bliss. She started bobbing her head up and down making me let out throaty moans and groans of pleasure.

Hailey:"You're so big baby...."She moaned out as she pulled away making me smirk. She moved back to my member and moved her head faster. I felt a familiar feeling in my stomach making me let out along moan and look at her. The sight almost killed me. Lord help me.

Y/n:"Babe I'm gonna cum"I said giving her warning making her pull away making me groan and look at her confused"Babe why'd-"I stopped and watched her. She got up from the bed and unclipped her bra and slowly pulled her underwear down those long, toned legs of hers. She moved back on the bed and sat on me making me moan.

Hailey:"Can I ride you baby?"She asked seductively making me nod my head really fast. I probably looked like an idiot but I didn't care. I moved my member to her entrance as she slowly eased herself down making us both moan at the feeling.

Y/n:"You're still so god"I moaned out as she started grinding down on me. She moaned and bit her lip closing her eyes. I moved my hands to her waist and kissed her neck.

Hailey:"You feel so good baby...."She moaned out making me bite her  neck and grip her waist a little. She started moving up and down making moans and groans of pleasure escape our mouths. She threw her head back and let put the most sexiest moan I've heard yet" I'm close"She said making me nod and thrust into her.

Y/n:"Me too baby...."I said as I felt a familiar feeling in my stomach. She threw her head back and let put a pleasurable cry mixed with my name.

Hailey:"Y/n!"She moaned out making me switch our positions so she was laying down. I gave her one hard thrust making her moan and bite her lip"God....the things you do to"She moaned out as I kept a steady pace. She started moving her hips with my thrusts making me moan and throw my head back.

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