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"Come on man! I'm not going there alone!" Archit ordered; also kicking Vedant's shin to get him to move his bum.

"Fine. Then don't go."

Archit rolled his eyes, cursing his best friend.

"WHY ARE YOU ACTING LIKE SOMEBODY JUST DUMPED YOU? The results aren't even out yet!"

"Dude. Just leave me alone."

Archit looked confused beyond compare. Vedant didn't blame him, he himself didn't recall being this irritated in ages.

"What's his problem?" Archit snapped again, and from the third person reference Vedant guessed either Vidisha or his Mother had decided to stop by.

Upon the thought of having to explain the whole Meera situation to his Mom, he found himself straighten in his seat. He looked back, and sighed rather evidently upon seeing his little sister glaring at him.

"What makes you think I'd have the slightest idea?" she fumed, her gaze still stuck at Vedant. "He stopped communicating with me ages ago." She added icily.

"You know what? Fine! Don't come. I'll go get my orientation certificate. Let's see how you're able to start your articleship without yours!" Archit threatened and took a confident stride towards the exit.

Vedant snapped up at his spot.

"Urgh wait! I'm coming with you."


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