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Men say women are difficult to understand. Yeah right.

I was coming back from Peddar Road today and for some crappy reason there was no bus and no taxi available. I was standing at the crossing between Peddar Road and Nepean Sea Road when Kanan came in his scooty with a questioning look.

"All okay Meera?" he asked.

Now I may have no conversations whatsoever with Rishi, but his friends have always treated me as their ...well...friend.

"Yeah." I replied like an idiot.

"So you're standing here at the crossing for fun?"

I rolled my eyes and wordlessly hopped behind him on the scooty.

We talked throughout the journey, with Kanan mostly asking me about my IPCC preps. I'd just gotten off the scooty at our place when my bruiser of a brother stormed down the stairs with a look of crazy anger.

"WHAT WAS THE DEAL BETWEEN US? I'VE TOLD YOU MEERA IS OUT OF BOUNDS." He yelled out at the road and he'd already gathered Kanan's collar in his fist.

"Stop creating a scene Rishi, I just dropped her home." Kanan replied calmly.

At that he put his hands down and turned towards me with question, "Is he right Meera?"

I did the best possible thing; I ignored him and waving Kanan goodbye left.

So one hand, he'll behave like a jerk and pretend like he and I have nothing to do with each other and on the other hand he'll PRETEND to be protective about me in front of his friends?



Vedant shook his head.

If only she would understand!

Guys ARE like this. They don't always express themselves freely.

He could tell Rishi was guilty of what he'd done. Call it his brotherly instincts or whatever.

He could tell, that just like him, Rishi didn't quite know how to apologize to Meera.

Sighing, Vedant turned to the next page casually and almost froze.

Reality stung him when he flipped the pages of the diary violently to find no more entries left.

He had just one entry to go.

Just one more page of Meera.

He took a big gulp; staring blankly at the diary. It felt like someone had emptied a cold bucket full of water on him.

No more Meera.

His mind chanted and he flipped through the pages even more frantically.

Who was he lying to all this while? Himself?

Meera was not just the owner of the diary for him. She'd become a part of his life. More like this pen pal who was writing to him from a non-descript place he knew he would never be able to visit.

Through her diary, he'd known her far better than he'd known his best of friends.

He'd learnt about the various hardships, the various struggles a woman went through while growing up like he never could even if he tried.

Though he didn't want to admit it, a part of him knew he was going to treat his mother and his sister with extra care now.

Meera's life had been an open book to him. Literally.

And now that the pages were no longer filled, it made him realize that that would mean he was no longer a part of her life.

She was leaving.

And no matter what he did, no matter how hard he tried, she wasn't going to stop.


This diary is way too personal.

Rhea Di ALMOST read this and I ALMOST started to hate her. Why can't people respect each other's privacy?

What part of the words 'personal diary' does she not understand?

I HATE such people.

And let's face it, to everyone I'm a whole different person. Heck I barely talk in front of others! And here I've poured out my life.

I highly doubt anybody would want to continue being in my life once they know this side of me.


How insecure am I?

Maybe because I feel so lonely even in this zoo I'm forced to call home?


She appalled him.

Actually, he appalled himself.

If anything, he was more drawn to her after reading her diary. If anything, he was dying to meet her after reading her diary.

Is it possible to get so attached to someone without ever meeting them?

Is it possible to get so attached to someone without ever meeting them?

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