Chapter 60: Tedious

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“A picnic? Really?” Alice let out a small chuckle.

When her personally guard told her that she was able to leave her god-awful room Zayn had imprisoned her in for the past few weeks, she had thought Marcus came back from his trip to Australia and was there to demand her death… but she was wrong.

Instead, she was greeted by something much worse, she was greeted by Zayn.

The vampire king casually lay on top a tartan cashmere blanket, gazing up at the twilight sky, his eyes was unreadable, like him.

“I didn’t take you as the type of man who would prey on his friend’s pregnant wife,” Alice spoke with sarcasm laced voice. She glanced down at Zayn with disgust in her face. She couldn’t remember a time when she didn’t hate the king of vampires, and the man who had caused havoc upon the word.

Zayn said nothing, he just smiled and took a sip from his champagne flute. “Well, that child you’re carrying isn’t exactly Marcus’s child isn’t it? You’re lucky you and that disgrace in your stomach are still alive. When I asked you to come and keep Evelyn company, I didn’t expect you to lead her astray and plan an escape plan with that werewolf love of yours.”

 “I didn’t lead her astray. Evelyn doesn’t care for you, and after the cruel things I heard you did to her after she was captured, I highly doubt she ever will. She would never love the man who raped her and enslaved her kind… If you were looking for an obedient girl who would worship you like that god you believe you are, then you prisoned the wrong Blackburn sister.”

Zayn said nothing, he just simply looked up at the guard at her side.

The guard didn’t need to be instructed by the king to know what he wanted.

Without any warning, a large, solid hand collided with Alice’s cheek. She would have been knocked over by the brutal strength of that blow, but the guard caught her arm before she could tumbled down the little hill.

“Like I said, what your mouth. You don’t want me as an enemy. Trust me, just because you are Evelyn's cousin, that doesn’t mean I will let you disrespect me,” said Zayn, coldly. His clear brown eyes gazed out to the luscious green field before him. The palace garden seemed boundless.

A few early stars glimmered above him like diamonds. The setting sun had turned the dark blue sky into a mixture of pink, indigo and violet. It was a perfect view.

Zayn had wanted to show Evelyn the beauty of his palace, like he had planned when she first came here. But her stubborn personality had restricted that from happening.

“Why won't you just give up and let her go? If you are trying to impress her by pretty views and picnics”—Alice pointed down at the blanket, the yet-to-be-lit candles and the wooden basket of food—“you are not going to gain her affections this way. Zayn it’s too late to make her love you. If she saw a chance of escaping, she will surely take it with out a moment of hesitation. The sooner you realise that the sooner you will be freed from this delusion you are in.”

“And what is that delusion my dear?” Zayn asked calmly, his voice gentle and smooth, like silk. A smile continued to tug at his lips.

Alice swallowed nervously. If there was one thing she learnt about vampires like Zayn, then that was they are the most dangerous when they are not saying anything. But her hormones were high and she wasn’t ready to back off just because Zayn was an arrogant little bastard. She wanted nothing more than slapping that smirk off his face.

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