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Hey! What's up?

Let's meetup!

What's that?

Ask your Dad!

Oh, shut up!

Why? Can't I talk?

Not when I said, WALK!

I was only suggesting :(

And I wasn't jesting :D

Okay, you rock!

Now, that's much better :)

And you want some peanut butter?

What? I was asking what's meetup's when everyone say "what's up!"

"This is going nowhere!" I mutter.

So are you going somewhere?

Yes, and I want something nice to wear.

Oh. Where are you going?

Definitely not rowing!

Why are you bringing your Wattpad bear?

I'm going to the Wattpad Meetup, Silly!

Oh! Can I go with my filly?

Did you RSVP?

No, but I am free :D

Okay, let's go then, Billy


A/N Another silly poem made for the sake of testing :D

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