Chapter XCIII

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In the morning the sun kept fading in and out as I sat down for breakfast seeing everyone one had a specific uncomfortable manner

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In the morning the sun kept fading in and out as I sat down for breakfast seeing everyone one had a specific uncomfortable manner. Mr. Henry walked on eggshells, Mr. Howard carried the weight of darkness on his face and Lady Walker's back wasn't as straight with disdain of me as per usual.

"Well thank you Mr. Howard for the lovely days at your home. I am sorry an emergency will make me leave soon," Lady Walker said at the end of breakfast.

"I completely understand, your health must be taken care of Lady Walker," Mr. Howard nodded politely yet with a hint of usual despisal.

"That must have been quite a fall Lady Walker, how are you feeling this morning?" I asked coming into the conversation.

"I need to make sure my slip only hurt my muscle, nothing for you to worry about though," Lady Walker insisted.

"And I will accompany my mother back," Mr. Henry said exchanging secretive glances with his mother.

"I hope you feel better Lady Walker," I bowed to her and they both took off out the doors and I was left alone as Mr. Howard took off the other way.

"Is it just me or did something very wrong happened yesterday?" I asked Edna who had also beheld something out of the norm.

"Yes but what could it be?"

"No idea."

"Shall I ask Mrs. Hall?"

"Yes but first we should enjoy our fleeting summer weather."

"What did you have in mind milady?" Edna questioned.

"We shall go to the sea."

"The sea?"

"Yes it is not too far from here and I have never ventured there before, it'd be a pity to go home once more without ever seeing it for myself."

"The sea huh?"

"Yes Mary said she likes it there for picnics with Mr. Eugene."

"If Mary says it," Edna agreed and we set out to the meet the sea for my first time on horseback.

The hills were filled with summer wildflowers and the pleasant sea foam perfumed the air as we got closer, the pleasant midday sun warmed the spontaneous summer outing.

"Come let us take our shoes off," I got off the horse as the lonely stretch of beach seemed to be a private island of my own.

"Okay then," she agreed and we sat on the sand to get them off.

We walked barefoot on the small grains and pebbles nestled within the soft floor wet by the waves crashing in and rolling out, I had never been watered by the sea and a childish rejoicing overcame me. The sun burned my cheeks which was not recommended for any lady yet I loved the tingling sensation and the sweat which dripped down my back from the summer dress and I undid my tight hair that overflowed down my back.

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