Chapter 4

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I laid happily on the couch, twiddling my thumbs while I thought of the passionate night I spent with Will. Never in my whole life had I thought William wanted me so much. He was all over me and I was all over him. We didn't have coitus but it was still very intimate. Just because he never entered me doesn't mean he never played with me. I honestly didn't think Will had that in him. I wanted nothing more than to be with him right now and we could continue what we had started, but knowing him that was probably a one time thing because I was grieving. I will probably never get to see that side of Will ever again. Do you know what made it even more enjoyable? The fact that I am married to Sebastian. I know it was just revenge on him but I wish it wasn't. I wish I was actually committing an act of infidelity and Will wanted me. That would make it so much more exciting and it would be a secret. A private secret that only me and William knows.

My thoughts were brutally interrupted when Sebastian pulled my hair and pulled my lips roughly onto his own. I pushed him off, which lead to a bit of my hair tearing out as he had hold of it. I held my head where the hair had come out.
'What do you think you are doing?' I half asked, half shouted. His eyes were pink, like they were full of lust and he pushed me back onto the couch, pinning me down.
'I wanted to make it up to you last night but you weren't home.' He started to tear my clothing away. I managed to roll onto my stomach to cover myself up. 'So you want it up the ass. Naughty girl.' He pulled on my hair again and spanked me. I thought he was honestly going to rape me, but then he didn't. He smashed my face into the couch's arm, which broke my nose. 'What is this?' He yelled, pointing at a hickey that Will had left.
'A joke from work. What difference does it make to you anyway? You were off kissing that stank." In held my bloody and bruised nose.
'Why didn't you come home last night?'
'Because I went to my own home. With Will!" I yelled the last part, "You don't control me, I can do what I like."

Sebastian was truly upset. However, demons don't show their sorrow through crying, they show it through violence and anger. I was at the wrong end of the stick when Sebastian got upset. I was the one who upset him, I should have expected these to be the consequences. Why didn't I realise that it was going to be a bad idea to tell Sebastian I was Will before I told him? He honestly messed me up. I am glad that reapers heal, but they don't heal that fast. A demon can lose a limb and it will be back maybe two days later. If a reaper loses a limb it's gone for at least a week. I never lost a limb, though I wish I had. He tied me to the bed with no clothing on and started to cut. He was cutting every inch of my body, writing his name all over me with the knife.
'You should know that you are mine and your body is mine. I don't want anyone touching you ever again. Perhaps this will teach you that.' I hadn't screamed from the cutting, I only let Sebastian hear my pain when he stabbed me. He stuck the nice up my woman hood, and he twist it around making sure to tear my insides to pieces. It was a sensitive spot, and it was being penetrated by a knife. He then stuck something else up my bleeding hole, but I don't want to say what happened.

He locked me in the room, not that he needed to do that. I couldn't bring myself to move anyway. Every time I moved a little bit, pain filled my lower half. Sebastian had left me disabled from the waist down and I didn't heal for over a week and when I could finally move again, I was still tender. Sebastian took advantage of the tenderness every night. He knew that because it hurt, he could make me scream and beg for mercy. This is why you shouldn't upset a demon. That revenge was not worth this. Not worth this pain. I don't know if I can face William again after what has happened. After what he caused. It's William's fault, but I am not angry at him. I am upset and dissapointed. He made me happy and Sebastian took that from me, not William. How can I go back to work now though? I'd have to explain why I was off and what happened. I don't know if I can do that.

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