8. A World Without Loneliness

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"What. The. Hell," Keu grumbled as they stood in front of their dorm room. Spring blinked. 'What the hell' was right. "I swear, if that cocky bastard did this..."

"I don't think so," Spring mumbled, gawking at the sight before him. "I don't think he's this... Cheesy. Who do you think they're for?"

"Isn't it obvious? They're for our cutest little student," Keu huffed. They exchanged a glance, the boy cocking his head. "You, silly."

"But why?"

"Because someone obviously wants in your pants."

"I don't think they'll fit them."

"No, I meant- nevermind. Well, we better get rid of them," Keu sighed.

Spring rubbed the back of his neck. He didn't even know where to start with putting them away. Piled in front of them and filling the entire room from top to bottom so that it spilled out of the door the moment the opened it, nearly crushing the boy, were hundreds of stuffed bears of various sizes. They ranged from brown ones to rainbow ones to ones with hearts sown on their hands to ones with bowties and tuxedos, but when the boy dug through them to get into the room his hands suddenly pulled one out that made his eyes light up.

It was an enormous brown bear twice his size with large shining yellow eyes and a candy cane bowtie and vest. He nearly hyperventilated as he held it out in front of him, running his hands over its plush fur. A blush filled his cheeks. He'd never seen such an adorable looking stuffed bear in all his life; while the others were cheesy and silly, this one resembled a real bear- his favorite animal in the whole world! Everything in him wanted to crawl into it and lose himself inside its fur like a field of towering cattails. A grin lit up his face.

Spring set this one aside at the glare he caught from Keu, struggling under its enormity with his scrawny arms. With it out of the way, the boy continued to slowly dig his way into the room. He wondered who had possibly had the resources and care enough to do something like this for him, especially since the only reason anyone knew he even existed was because of his age, and that was only met with a raise of a brow. He only had two people he considered friends, and Keu was the last person he would expect to do something like this. That left only one person.

Autumn stopped at the end of the hall the moment he spotted Spring and his roommate- and the hundreds of stuffed bears spilling out of their room. He raised a brow. What on Earth...? Unable to contain his curiosity, the man continued down the hall until he was beside the brunette, who stood and watched the boy dig through the bear forest with cross arms. When he caught him in his peripheral, the man furrowed his brows- not that he expected a warm greeting from the guy who held a grudge against him for some reason.

"What the hell, man?" The roommate grumbled. Autumn cocked his head.

"What? I didn't do this," he replied. "Unless he likes it. In which case, it was totally me."

Spring's ear twitched at his voice. Turning around to face him with a flustered expression warming his face, the boy chirped a greeting and stepped toward him, caught between a hug and a friendly nod; he wasn't quite sure what to do in their position, even with his observations of friends. The man chuckled and ruffled his hair before running his fingers along his cheek in the same manner that he had against the giant bear. He averted his eyes. With a flick of his ear from Keu, Autumn broke the contact and shot the other man a glare.

"So if you didn't do this, then who did?" Keu asked after their greetings digressed.

Autumn tapped his chin for a moment. Spring pondered that question, too. Both knew that Spring wasn't the most popular, nor was he very much liked at all given the circumstance of his pairing with the exclusive hero of Wordwind. Neither, however, could think of anyone other than Autumn or Keu who would do something so pleasant for him. Whoever it was, Autumn thought to himself, had better back off before he found out who they were and things got ugly. If anyone thought they were going to steal his Spring away from him with stupid bears, they were drastically mistaken.

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