Chapter 1:The introduction

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It is a warm morning and the sun is beating down against the sand,Germany is running around the beach like a maniac trying to make a help sign whilst Italy is laying on the sand just cheerfully looking at the clouds "doitsu! doitsu! Look at that one!" He says with happiness in his voice but Germany blows him off just pretending to be interested "yeah,yeah Italia it's..........nice" although Germany is trying to act cool and calm but he's really panicking and trying to signal help,Italy quickly jumps up and then onto Germany's back holding around his neck lovingly "whatcha doing doitsu?" His cheery and loud tone ringing near to Germany's ear "not now Italia,we need to get out of here" he shrugs Italy off his back and Italy seems disappointed in his voice "Oh okay doitsu............I-is there anything I can do to help?" Germany pushes Italy away not even looking to see his face and gently quivering lip "why don't you go and find some food or something Italia" Italy quickly dashes off into the forest trying to suppress the tears about to flow down his pale and gentle cheeks,Italy keeps walking quickly into the forest and stops to sit on a tree stump,he starts to cry gently into his hands and he bawls a loud whimper "Doitsu will never love me!" Germany unaware of this continues to build the sign focused extremely on his goal.

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