Chapter Five: A wedgie and a compliment

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I pull on my red three quarter length jeans and pull my striped cutaway shirt over my head, the jeans were from yesterday, but fortunately I had a spare shirt with me. I peered into my bag and found my mascara, Louis said I didn’t need it, but just a little might make me feel  a little more confident around the boys! Especially after Zayn getting an eyeful of my bum.  Oh god, what if he’s told the others? They’ll all laugh!

I manage to hide in the bathroom another 5 minutes when Liam knocks on the door.

‘Hey Cassie, er , just to let you know, well , Zayn told us about, you know, it’s alright though, it’s not the first bum he’s seen’ He laughs. I walk to the door, opening it a bit so I can see Liam. He smiles.

‘Okay, they’re not going to laugh at me are they?’ I ask, my eyes are widening a little as I do so. I regret saying that, hoping I don’t sound like a worried child. Liam’s brown eyes soften at my question.

‘No, it is funny, even Zayn said you laughed, it’s hardly as embarrassing as some of the times he’s been through, or any of us really!’ Liam reassures me, I let out a silent sigh of relief, I open the door wider and turn around to grab my bag. When I look back to the door, more than one pair of eyes are on me, all the boys are standing there. They all gaze at me in amazement for about a minutes before I break the silence.

‘Can I, er help you?’ I ask, frowning. A slight grin forms on Louis’ face and Harry lets out a long and slow whistle before patting Zayn’s back.

‘Lucky you got to see her bum’ He says, giggling. Before looking at me and winking.

‘Her, has a name’ I say, trying to sound not amused. Even though the boy’s smiles instantly make me laugh. Niall and Louis introduce me to the other boys, even though I’ve pretty much had a small conversation with a few of them now. After our little introductions, Louis suggests we all go out somewhere. Harry and Zayn suggest shopping, the other boys nod, Zayn looks at me for the final decision. Me and Louis are exchanging glances when Harry shouts.

‘Hey! Lovebirds? Excuse moi? Shopping , yes ,no?’ I feel myself blush a little and nod.

‘Yes! I could do with some clothes, this is all I brought with me’ I say , looking myself up and down. The boys all do the same.

‘Not bad, I like the shirt’ Harry says. Flicking his hair, he walks forward and peers into the mirror by the side of me.

‘And the red trousers are ace’ Louis says, smiling, looking at my legs. I feel a little awkward and shrug.

‘So when we going?’ I ask, all the boys are laughing, Louis cheeks are flushing crimson, and he’s glancing behind me. I turn around and Harry is midway drawing in the steamy mirror. He’s drawn a heart with ‘Lou and Cass’ in the middle. I blush and poke Harry in the ribs. He lets out a squeal and I laugh.

‘Ticklish are we?’ I say, poking him in the stomach and in his ribs again.

‘NOOOOO’ He yells, he’s turned now and starting to make a quick exit for the door. I turn to catch him and Louis catches my eye and blushes, but he grins after, I make my way to find Harry and Louis stops me and whispers in my ear.

‘Put your elbow in his thigh, it’s hilarious’ he smiles on one side with his lips and whispers again.

‘you look really nice’ he murmurs, before turning round and walking away quickly, I hide my blush with the few curls of hair that fall down in front of my face, before tucking them back behind my ear and running past Zayn ,Niall and Liam, into the front room where Harry and Louis are wrestling eachother, I jump over the back of the Sofa and fall on top of them both , jabbing my elbow into Harry’s thigh, he lets out a yelp and bursts into fits of uncontrollable laughter before picking me up and throws me over his shoulder, running to the kitchen, I hit his back.

‘Put me down Harry!’ I giggle, my head just above his bum.

‘Nope!’ He laughs, walking towards the bin, I scream for help and hit his back harder.

‘That doesn’t hurt’ Harry says, still laughing, I can hear the boys tittering, I tilt my head and Niall mouths ‘Wedgie’. I pull Harrys shirt up at the bag and grab the rim of his boxers. He turns around and gasps.

‘NOOO what are you doing?!’ He exclaims, lifting the bin lid up.

‘WEDGIE!’ I yell, yanking the top of his boxers up, he screams out loudly and puts me onto the floor, running back to the sofa, pulling the back of his jeans down. Niall runs over and high fives me, making me laugh. Louis and the boys are laughing so much tears are streaming down their faces; Harry has tears also running down his cheeks. Whether this is from pain or laughter, I have no clue.

Harry looks over and scrunches his nose up.

‘Evil!’ He says, looking relieved once he pulls his trousers again once more. I chuckle.

‘Oh and Harry?’ I ask, raising one eyebrow.

‘Yeah?’ He replies, looking slightly hopeful.

‘Nice bum’ I wink cheekily before Niall cackles and the other boys laugh also. Harry’s cheeks blush the same colour as his lips and he smiles.

‘Right, are we going shopping or not then?’ Liam says, Zayn raising his eyebrows. They look at eachother and laugh.

‘Yeah Zayn needs yet another pot of wax for his hair’ Liam laughs, Louis reaching over and patting Zayns shoulder.

‘Ok let’s go then’ Louis says, running over to me , still standing by the bin and grabbing my hand, we run out of the front door and to the car. I can hear the boys ‘awww’ ing inside and I laugh in my head. I already feel like I’ve known these guys for ages.

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