recap- The grils have been invited over to chill with MB and Diggy has just arrived they are about to play seven minutes in heaven


Roc just spun the bottle i really wanted to kiss Princeton soooooo amazingly bad...but then again i would happily kiss any of the boys i mean all of them have awesome abs awesome personalitys and i bet they are all awesome kissers. Thing is i know that Izzy and Niki would go crazy if i kissed Roc or RayRay so i would probably not kiss them in the closet just... Talk i suppose. The first spin landed on me and.....Prod. Shit Princeton looked like he was going to smash his face in. He was one hundred percent jelly. you could see it Remmie looked as though she was about to get up and kick my ass, Dee who would have literally got up and kicked my ass back down was to busy smiling and laughing with Digggy. That girl moves on fast ! But Prod looked genuinly happy about it. i looked at Princeton and smiled...he didnt smile back.

In the closet

Me: Look Prod dont mean this in a bad way andd its not like i dont wana kiss you cuz i do and...but Princeton i really like him and he likes me-

I was cut off by a kiss. a lovely soft kiss woow is the room spinning..

2:33 left

Prod: Sorry its just i really like you and i know your probably going to go out with Prince but i jsut wanted to let you know and get it over with so i didnt ruin your relationship

Aww he is sooo sweet

Me: aww. Its so nice that you would consider your friends relationship

1:78 left

i hugged him not like i hug Princeton but the way i hug a friend

1:00 left

Prod: Can i ask you a question

Me:Yeahh sure

Prod: well its two really

Me: Go on then

Prod: first one is...urmm...If you know...going out with Prince would you have chosen me ?

i probably would have chosen Roc i mean his mucles drive me craaazzzzy

Me: Surre

0:30 left

Prod: can i have a hug

Me: surre

The dooor burst open and everyone was looking at us like they couldnt believe we were actually touching.Awkward !

Me: Wassup erryborry

Princeton got up and stormed out

Niki: Shits going down

i ran out after him smacking Niki in the head while passing her

Me: Princeton !

i heard one of the doors upstairs slamming. i went up the stairs teying to find which of these many rooms was the end it wasnt that hard to find out which one was his. There was a door covered in peace signs and poetry on green paper. I knocked on the door

Me: Pwinncetonn pweessee let mee innn

Princeton: Nope

Me: Pleaase

Princeton: Go kiss Prod....ohh and when your down there tell him im going to kick his skinny ass

i pushed the door and found Princeton laying down on his bed staring at the ceiling. i went and laid next to him

Me: so are you going to ask me what happen or sulk like a.....sulker...person

Princeton: i know how people kiss you know

Me: Oh really....

i leant over and kissed him

Me: Look Princeton nothing happened in there Prod was just abit sad that i said i didnt want to kiss him i wanted you so i hugged him and thats all that happened i promise

soo i lied abitt i probably should have told him but he looked so hurt... the softie

Prince: alright ill forgive you aslong as you kiss me again

i kissed him and could feel the smile on his face. i tried to pull away but hee would just move his head to.

Me: Princeton Stop it ( slaps him playfully)

Prince:sowee.. your awesome at-

Me: shhh dont speak..*Whispers* can you hear them listening outside

Prince: ohh yeah! ive got an idea Play along then storm out do into rays room opposite and get the waterguns you know what do !  I CANT BELIEVE YOU ARE SOO STUBBORN


Prince:NO I AM

he said smiling. i blew him a kiss then stormed out. everyone almost fell over into his room i had to keep looking angry

Izzy: What happened !

Me: Ask that bastard

I stormed off acting like i was going down stairs then ran into rayrays room looking for the water guns. They were Huge. i picked them up then walked back into the room Princeton came over took his gun then shouted FIRE. we wet them up so bad they were dripping me and Princeton were rolling on the floor laughing

Dee: so wait this was all a prank

Me: No shit sherlock

Remmie: Get them

Me andd Princeton huddled together and wouldnt let go of each other they all picked us up and carried us down stairs

Roc: To the pool

Me: shiitt NOOOOO

They threw us in. Princeton started laughing and pointing at me i didnt realise why until 'i looked down. my tshirt was sticking and everyone could see my bra. Princeton got out of the pool and helped me out

Princeton: You look cold

he said pulling me in for a hug

Me:on a scale of one to ten how horny are you

Prince: Nice bra by the way

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