| I i : Volume I: Baby Steps |

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before i start i just wanna say thank u for the sweet messages it rlly warms my heart like y'all have no idea. the updates used to be monthly, now idk when they'll be as i stated before. but enjoy this one!! thank u again, feedback is always appreciated, i hope i haven't lost my touch looool . - j

| I i : Volume I: Baby Steps |

Odd sounds came from downstairs as Ryan put Rylen to sleep. The man stood on the staircase with a uneasy feeling and sweating hands. It couldn't be a fan, but Ryan didn't discard the possibility. They knew Brendon's location. It was only a matter of time until one of them came in, which was truly a act of idiocy. Ryan didn't mean to call Brendon's fans that, but whoever had chased Sarah while she was with Rylen: was truly a idiot.

They don't know when to stop. Clearly, chasing a woman and child is completely barbaric but fans would do anything to get to Brendon and Lyric, despite his young age. Ryan locked Lyric's door and went down the stairs curtly, fear and slight annoyance getting to him if the intruder was, indeed, a fan. Ryan grabbed a umbrella because there was no other item that could serve as a weapon around here.

But Ryan heard the clinking of keys. So it could be one of two things: Brendon had arrived home or either Sarah or Dallon needed something. Ryan stepped back, the dropping of the keys successfully startling him as he stood before the door. The silhouette through the glass door was barely visible no matter how much Ryan squinted his eyes.

But the door opened and he was met with none other than Brendon Urie, finally arriving after three days of nothing but hospital stays. Brendon softly smiled at Ryan, not expecting to see him once he got in the door. Ryan smiled back, taking Brendon's duffle bag in his hands to help."You smell like hospital. Didn't have time to shower?"

Brendon shook his head."I could've but I just wanted to get on the plane to see my little bug." He confessed with a smile so bright Ryan nearly fell backwards. The conversation they had a day ago was in his head again. The possibility of Brendon feeling things for him was there and undeniable, and it made Ryan all the more fuzzy inside."I'm gonna head on up for a shower and then we can talk if you want. About well... everything. No fights this time. I just wanna talk."

"Sounds great to me." Ryan nodded and the two went upstairs. Brendon neared Lyric's room but Ryan stopped him midway of opening the door."What do you think you're doing?"

Brendon was ever so confused."I'm going to see the baby...?"

Ryan Ross shook his head at Brendon disapprovingly."Not with those hospital germs you're not. Go shower and then you can see him."

"But I haven't seen him-"

"And you won't see him at all if you don't shower those germs of, Brendon. Come on. Be logical for a minute, okay? That's, like, the first rule of parenting... I think. Now go." Ryan smiled all through his mini discourse, but with it, he had successfully gotten Brendon to think rationally. The man was driven by love so Ryan couldn't blame him. Brendon pouted at him."Don't give me that look. Go."

"Why was his door locked?"

Ryan flushed a pink."I heard the door and I just- Initially, I thought it was, like, a fan trying to come in here. So my first thought was to keep our son safe and... But it turned out to be you so I'm relived."

Brendon flushed along with him, his cheeks heating up from the protective gesture. That meant so much to Brendon."You did good, Ross."

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