Chapter 18 | Who's Doing Any Better? Definately Not Percy.

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Third Person POV

Luke, Bianca, and Zoë stared at their highest commander in shock. He confirmed that Perseus freaking Jackson was at Xilphain. Why, they asked, but all Chaos said was it wasn't his place to tell them, leaving them in the dark.

After that, Chaos explained to them what hapened on Earth after he took the three of them which was before the 2nd Giant War. He generalized everything because he knew Percy didn't want them to know a few things. Then, he told the new threat and the new prophecy.

Pontus was there the whole time, listening to him explain to the Beta team.

You see, there are 5 Teams in the Xilphain Army. Alpha, Beta, Chi, Delta, and Gamma. Alpha being the best; Beta being the second; Chi, the third, and so on and so forth. The commander of the Alpha team is the commander of the whole army, his name is Lace Craig. He isn't your typical commander just because of his silent treatment to everyone except his second-in-command, Azalea Raw. He doesn't mind if you do something noisy or something but he gets into the leader state in times of crisis or training, which doesn't happen often, just once a month because they train on their own.

Naturally, everyone is afraid of him. But Luke and Zoë wanted to be in their place someday. Bianca didn't mind though. She was happy serving a better purpose and she felt that she was paying her debt to her brother of leaving him for her selfishness, now she was reborn to do something for others not just for her. Luke wanted to be the next commander of the Xilaphain Army, it was his true ambition because like Bianca, it was his way of redemption. Zoë didn't want this at first, she lived too long as Artemis' lieutenant and was happy when she finally got to rest after a long time, but Chaos, Luke, and Bianca had conviced her after 10 months to join them, since Chaos was needing new soldiers.

Xiana was somewhat new, she joined about a a year ago. She quickly leveled up from being a cadet into the Gamma Team. From there she slowly made her way up. Now she was with them in the Beta Team. They didn't exactly quickly warmed up to her but a few laughs and sudden pastries from Dorothy's shop was enough to win their hearts. Now, it pained Luke and Bianca to know she was grieving for her parents, something the both of them would understand and not just that as all three of them had treated Niza Wasline and Xavier Wasline as their self-proclaimed parents, especially Zoë who barely had a mother figure for many centuries except for Artemis.

But the shock from all the news had taken it away for a moment.

"You might want to shut your mouths, it's getting annoying."Pontus scowled.

They quickly closed their mouths and Bianca blushed in embarassment. "We're sorry, Lord Pontus for the rudeness."

Pontus didn't respond so Chaos cleared his throat and smiled at them, "Are you okay? I know it's a shock, so Pontus don't be too aggresive."he scolded his son.

"Aggresive?! I wasn-"

Chaos ignored him as he waited for their reaction.

"Well, you're right we were...surprised. We missed out a whole war at Earth?!"Luke exclaimed.

"Unfortunately, yes. But you were busy rising up to your position now to notice it either."Chaos agreed.

However, Pontus noticed Bianca fidgeting and looking uncertain. "If you have something to say, spit it out."

Bianca glanced up at him but quickly looked away. Everyone looked at her and so she braced herself to look at Chaos, "Lord Chaos...w-we've been meaning to ask you..."she bit her lip and glanced across the two others beside her. " my father didn't realize I wasn't reborn the narural way and that Zoë and Luke was gone from Elysium."

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