Chapter 26 - White weddings & fancy dancing

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It was impossible to be in a bad mood on a wedding day. That's what I figured, at least, when even Harry woke up with a boyish grin pulled over his face. There was excitement all through the house as Anne and Gemma ran around, attempting to get last minute details sorted out and also somehow make it to their hair appointments on time.

After a quick agreement, breakfast, and a shower, it was decided that I would get ready with the rest of the women, while Harry went to hang out with Robin a little bit. By noon we were rushing out the door, the dresses we planned to wear thrown over our shoulders in black bags.

"Norah!" Harry called as I stepped out of the house. I turned back to find him standing with his eyebrows furrowed together and hands stuck into the pockets of his dark skinny jeans. Those damn dark skinny jeans that made his legs look so good. He slowly motioned for me to come back, with a roll of my eyes, I complied.

"Yeah? I don't want to keep them waiting," I said pointedly as I walked up. I was trying to be mad about what he said last night.

He narrowed his eyes at me and leaned back against the door. "Wear your hair up. I like it up."

"Is that what you needed to say?" I mumbled, my gaze falling to the ground. My hands were knotted behind my back as I rocked back and forth on my heels to avoid looking at him.

"Yes. And I was going to kiss you, unless you'd rather I didn't."

I groaned and peeked up at him to find him staring down at me, eyebrows raised and an arrogant expression on his face. Mumbling a soft 'fuck you', I raised my lips to his in expectance. He gave me a brief kiss and his lips tasted like the mint tea that he had just been sipping on and that only was enough to make me melt into the kiss.

As he pulled away, he hooked one finger under my chin go keep our eyes locked together. He could probably feel my heart pounding from just his simple touch, and the fact that my cheeks were blushed a bright red didn't really help on the embarrassment part. "I will see you soon, Norah. Wear your hair up."

I stuck out my tongue and scampered away, waving over my shoulder. He gave me a cheeky grin and shut the door as I climbed into the car with his family, and then he was gone from my side for the first time in over 24 hours and I couldn't help but miss him already.

We made a quick stop at Starbucks, grabbed lattes, and then continued on to the wedding. It was being held at a traditional church that they attended regularly. The venue was simple and welcoming, but at the same time extremely beautiful. It was almost exactly what I had imagined Anne would pick out.

There was a dressing room in the back which we were quickly escorted too. A man armed with an array of hair styling tools sat with his legs crossed and a curious expression on his face, while a women holding multiple makeup brushes worked around a large vanity.

"Ah, there you are," She smiled as we entered. "Anne, we'll go ahead and get started on your makeup. You girls can wait for your turn, or go ahead and get started on your hair before the bridesmaids get here."

Four hours later, we are all prodded and poked to perfection. We had passed the time by snacking on the hors d'oeuvres provided and talking endlessly about every little detail of our lives. The more I talked to his family, the more I learned about Harry Styles.

I learned he slept with a night light until he was thirteen, and that when he got his first girlfriend he was too scared to kiss her, so she broke up with him. I learned her cried for a week after that, decided that he was, in fact, a homosexual (Jace would scream when I tell him this story), and then proceeded to make that announcement at church.

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