Chapter Fifty Three

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At nine, I heard the uber I'd called honk downstairs in front of the beta house. It was ten and I had to be on my way.

Getting my bag and last stuff, I left the house.

I put my things in the car. I stared one last time at the sorority and fraternity houses. Though short, I had a memorable time at Greenwill. Now was time for me to go make a name for myself.

"Take me to the Bus station for Brooklyn please." I told the driver as I entered the cab.

"Alright ma'am."


I arrived Brownsville just in time to pack some stuff with my mom. I was so happy Kadij was taking her along with me.
My mom and I were happy to meet each other again. I loved her a lot and I'd missed her so much. She was my only family.

I settled and we began to pack necessary things up. Of course Yazz came over to help. Always present when I needed her.

We were done late enough. Luckily my mother had prepared something nice to eat. Yasmin was gonna spend the night with us.

We ate and all went to bed because we'd be leaving early the next morning. But that didn't stop Yazz and I from staying up late and chatting.

"Girl, I remember when you'd called that famous morning and told me you'd slept with Lucas the night before. I couldn't believe my ears! I thought it was some sort of bad joke you were making up!" Yazz exclaimed and I laughed.

"I know right. I couldn't believe I'd actually slept with him. But I don't regret it either. He gave me one of the best feelings ever." I admitted.

"Oooh shiiiiiit!" Yazz whispered, "My oh my! Hmm! You'd promised to give me every detail. Do it now."

"Oh, seriously?" I grumbled, amused.


Having no choice, I told Yazz everything. I still remembered that night perfectly well. She listened in astonishment.

"There. And we slept off with his head on my chest." I ended. Yazz stared at me silently. Her expression was priceless and I burst out laughing.

"You look like you've seen a ghost or something."

"Well, I'm speechless. Damn!" she laughed, "That was, wow! And you told Rick?"

"Hell, no."

I told her all that happened after that and how I was now divided and loved both.

"And now both guys have each half of my heart. Girl, never have I been in such a condition." I admitted.

"Wow. I imagine your situation. But it's clear one owes 3/4 of your heart." she said and I looked at her.


"Yes. And you know who it is."

I stared at her.

"Even if you're right, what can I do now? Nothing. I'm going to start a new life. And I'll get over both. We're friends and only friends."

"If you say so, Harl."

"Yes. It's late. Let's go to sleep."

"Before that, make sure you don't forget about me when you go to Washington."

"I can't. We'll stay in contact and if I continue making some money there, I'll send a lil something for you and your mom."

"Yeah, that's my girl."


I thought it would be easy to leave Brooklyn but it wasn't. Especially when Kadij's driver arrived to pick my mother and I up. I looked at my Brownsville. At my friends who'd come to tell us goodbye. My heart ached and my eyes watered. I hugged Yazz goodbye and did same to the others.

We arrived the airport where Kadij was already waiting for us. She welcomed my mother and I warmly.
We got first class tickets and after a few minutes, we boarded the plane.

When the plane took off, tears finally rolled down my cheeks. I wasn't only leaving Brooklyn, or Manhattan, I was leaving New York. I'd never gone beyond the borders of New York. I'd grown up there but now was the time for me to leave. I was sure to return.

I looked out the window to stare at the beautiful sky and clouds. My mom was asleep while Kadij was busy on her laptop. We were still in the air.
First class was great. We were treated nice. I felt lucky. My first time on a plane.
It was around twelve in the afternoon that I received a text from Lucas.

-Hey, please don't tell me you're in a plane.-

I smiled to myself.

-Yup. I am in a plane.-

-Oh god. So it's true. It's not a bad dream, u r going away!-

I laughed a little. I already missed him.

-I miss u already...-

He soon replied.

-Harlem I miss u more. Do whatever u gotta do der ASAP and get ur ass bck here! Plsss.-

-Lol ur crazy.-

-But I'm serious. It hurts me dat ur leavx. Hope 2 meet u face 2 face again.-

-We'll surely meet.-

-Yh. I hpe. Video call me once u land n get settled.-

-I will.-

-I don't wanna hear that u met a new guy there who can replace me...I'll kill some1.-

I laughed.

-Ure irreplaceable. Tlk 2 u later Luke.-

-Okey. <3-


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