Chapter fourteen

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We walked into a tavern, the witches and wizards inside fell silent all eyes fell on Harry and his friends then moved to us, that's when the whispers started. Things like who are they! Or what they doing with them. So basically they were like a jealous school girl stalking their crush.

"Does this happen a lot?" Hazel asked rubbing her arm nervously.

"Yup," Ron replied obviously not noticing the young girls discomfort. Frank moved forward and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. 

"Don't worry all we are doing here is trying something new then leaving," Jason said quietly as not to draw more attention to the group because when there are lots of people there are also lots of monsters.

Mrs Weasley smiled at the bartender and ordered enough butterbeer for all of us, which seemed a bit over the top considering the fact that some of us might not like it. We then moved to a large table at the back and sat down and trust me when I say this, it's Hades on your back to sit with good posture on a bench. 

"here you guys go," I gave Piper a look that read 'how did they do that?' she shrugged replying with the 'magic' look. I sighed and tried not to slouch in my seat. who knew being royal would be so much work? I looked at my glass, I was filled with a nectar coloured liquid and smelt sweet. Tentatively I grabbed the glass and took a gentle sip, It tasted nice. Not as good as nectar but I guess wizards can't have that.

"So what'cha think?" George asked Piper shrugged again and made an indifferent sort of noise. 

"I liked it," Percy said a soft smile on his face as Leo handed him change under the table. 

"You boys had better not be paying each other to say things again," Thalia said glancing at the two of them who were laughing nervously. 

"Yeah, it might turn out just as well as it did last time," Nico said referring to the time Leo was dared to ask Hazel on a date in front of Nico and Frank, it was hilarious. Piper was the first one of us to laugh and soon the whole group of us were in a fit of giggles at the memory.


We walked back to the burrow feeling more relaxed than ever. The sun was setting and for once I felt like I was truly safe.

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