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Chanyeol POV

Mom what the hell is this I don't wanna marry anyone
you already know that i have to take care of my baby ...
marriage is the least thing that i want right now

chanyeol. listen i know . that's why i want you to marry baekhyun. .He's an angel.. he will take care  of you and your baby..

Does he even know that i have a baby?
yeah...he knows everything that he needs to know.  All you have to do is just marry him. Then you'll have a  husband and your baby will have his other father as well .

And of course you'll get that fashion company as well right mom?

chanyeol that's not the point here

of course that's the point mom!

Baekhyun POV

I don't know how  to calm down hunnie
Listen baek i know how important this day is to you but i  really want to know whether you are ready to take this risk?
what do you mean?
He has a baby baek..and he loved someone else and had a child together. . .
He won't love you .... like i do..
mean like know...
don't worry hunnie ah I'll make him you wait and watch..

oh god heart is beating like crazy and chanyeol looks so handsome right now..oh god please help me so i will not get embarrassed here..

Chanyeol POV

Baekhyun is walking towards me and all I could do is see baekhyun as love and only for ever.. forgive me kyungie I'm only doing this for our baby and I promise I will tell him all about you and how much you loved him..

Park chanyeol do you take this Byun Baekhyun to be your lawfully wedded husband

Yes I do..

Everything finished within seconds and here I am with baekhyun going to our new home which was given as a wedding gift from my parents

For my baby and my lawfully wedded husband Byun..
ah no..Park baekhyun
well right now he's sleeping like baby on my shoulder. .
it seems like he's not gonna look after us he's only gonna be a burden..

Baekhyun wake up...
I said wake up we are here
huh? oh..I'm sorry i was bit tired that's why i fell asleep
Nevermind we need to go in...

Baekhyun POV

This house is so biggg...
hmm i heard chanyeol agreeing
Where's our room?
our room? listen baekhyun he said while motioning me to sit down in the couch next to us .

first I want you to know that this wedding was done just because I needed someone to take care of him .
Well I never wanted to marry you it was our parents who wanted us to do this right?

I only nodded at him because I couldn't utter a word my throat clogged and heart aching with every word he try to explain me the situation we are in.

so as i said i don't want any sort of relationship with you because I would always only love my baby's mother who gave birth to him.
I just hope you would cope up with everything and help me and I promise you I will let you go when the time comes and I'll try to make it shorter as soon as possible but please look after my baby. 

That's all i could ask from you..

If only you knew about me chanyeol and I always pray that day would come soon so that I can get rid of this pain in my heart that you make without you knowing

Bu-t I promise i will take care of your baby and you too within the time you give to me ..

I promise because I love you and until now I've been loving you..     

Chanhee baby~~  what are you doing huh~ are you going to wake up your daddy hmm~
As soon as he heard my voice this little sunshine is trying his best to walk towards me on the bed.

chanyeol is still asleep like a baby and my little sunshine is smiling at me and throwing his arms telling me that he wants to be carried.

It's only been 5 months after our marriage and now my life is our sunshine. Our sunshine is 8 months now.

So I carried chanhee to the living room because I prepared his milk..he's such a good boy but when looses patience at night he wouldn't mind waking up the whole city just by crying his hearts out....

Hey baby woke up before daddy today..chanyeol took chanhee from me sat with him on the couch turning on the T.V without even saying a good morning to me.
He's been like that for the past 2 months ignoring my presence, ignoring the things I say or ignoring if I ask something from him like I'm not existing ...

But the love I have for you would never change  chanyeol. it never did.

~ I'm in love with shape of you
I'm in love with your body~

hello omma?
yes honey what are you doing
I'm making breakfast mom. Why?
nothing honey I just wanted to ask you two to have dinner with us..
wow mom that's great
we'll come
Be here sharp at 8 ok
okiee~ i sing songed.

After having breakfast chanyeol and chanhee was playing in the living room as soon as i entered chanhee started wriggling  and smiling hard so when i bent to take him my world stopped and i heard chanyeol choking  as well but my eyes were just looking at my sunshine

My Sunshine understands my love.... and he loves me for all the sleepless night i had with him without chanyeol at house because he was mostly out of country.

So sunshine and I sleep together singing snuggling each other.

And my sunshine wants me as his mother which I'm willing go be gladly.

Chanhee locked his arms around my neck kissing my cheeks like I always do to his ..he whispered again  omma~
   My heart clenches at the love I'm receiving from my bundle of sunshine...
yes baby I'm your omma~ I want to say but even before i react chanyeol shouts ...  no baby he's not your omma .you can't call him your omma. No please don't call him omma... your omma would be so sad.

chanhee is startled at his daddy's out burst because I can feel his small heart beating so fast on me..

Chanyeol please ~ i started. ..
You ...don't say a word give me my baby..
chanyeol listen. ..
i said give my baby to me..

My heart is breaking but chanyeol take chanhee from me by force and he's still shouting at me

Are you crazy can't you remember this is my and kyungsoo's baby you have no right..
you are not family to him I'm his daddy and you are just a nanny..
You never will be his mother


sorry this is unedited but i really wanted to publish this during my hiatus because it was my baby baekhyuniee's bd ...yesterday. .
however a late heart breaking gift from me...
  love ya♡♡♡



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