imagine #2

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Imagine being in the sandlot and celebrating 4th of july with the guys with a baseball game and benny, your forever know bestfriend, askes you out.

It was 8:00 at night and it was the 4th of july and you were sitting in your porch waiting for the guys to come over and pick you up. You were wearing dark blue jeans with a red sweater and a white tucked in shirt and of coures your favorite PF flyers. You heard footsteps approach you. You looked up and saw all the guys staring at you. "READY?!" Said the guys yelling at you because you were wasting time. "What does it look like idiots!" you said getting up and running to the sandlot. "WAIT UP!" said the guy's trying to catch up except for benny who was already next to you. All the guys including you, were already close to the sandlot. When you guys arrived, you started to set up in your base's. For you, you were always batting next to benny, sharing the bat. The guy's were all yelling at denunez and benny to hurry up and hit the ball. "Yeah-yeah come on benny" said yeah-yeah calling out on benny. Denunez catched the ball that benny threw at him and got ready to pitch it. Once denunez pitched the ball, benny swung the bat and hit the ball all the way to the edge of the fence were the beast lived. The guy's saw the ball in awe and got pretty much distracted by the fireworks, not paying attention to were the ball went or that benny was pretty much stealing all the base's. You were the only one paying attention to the ball and benny. You got distracted by the time benny was at home base. You looked at how pretty and beautiful the fireworks were. You felt an arm around your waist, you looked up and down to see that benny was holding you and looking at the fireworks at the same time. "Hope you don't mind" said benny looking down on the ground and speaking in a quite whispering tone of voice. You felt your cheeks heat up. "Not at all" you said holding both hands on your cheeks to hide your blushing and your voice was in a quite tone. Benny looked down at you and saw you hiding your cheeks. "Why are you holding your cheeks and smiling" asked benny between chuckles and confused. "Oh, huh, um.. nothing important, don't worry, it's just that your so protective and i feel so safe around you... forget it let's just play ball" you said confessing but forgot that you were only there to play ball. "NO WAIT!" said benny running up to you, to stop you from telling the guys to play ball. You felt benny's hand grab your wrist and pull you, to face him , your face's were inches apart. "This is going to sound stupid but here it comes, ( Y/N ) I liked you since the 1st grade and would never want to let you go and i don't like you just because
your beautiful or pretty, but, I like you because i've known you my whole life and your sweet, funny, kind, chill, caring, protective, smart, and your really good at playing baseball, so would you go out with me and be my girlfriend?" said benny spilling his heart out and laughing at the fact that your good at playing and you are strong and brave. You were so happy that he asked you out and you were also crying because he liked you since the 1st grade and he loved you for being you."HAHAHA... YES BENNY I WOULD LOVE TO BE YOUR GIRLFRIEND and I also liked you since the 1st grade and I love you for being you!" you said between sobs and running up to him. Benny was holding you tightlly never wanting to let go or lose you. At that moment you two stared at each other in silence until benny went in to kiss you. You kissed back also not wanting to lose him. With that, you guys brought the guy's back to there trance of thought and played base ball till the night ended. Benny took you home and kissed you goodnight. "Hey, ( Y/N ) do you want to, uh , you know go watch a movie or something" benny said while scatching the back of his neck."I would love too" you said smiling and walking into your house.

love this imagine

Hope you liked this chapter. Sorry it's short but I really hoped you liked it cause I loved making it. :)))))

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