Chapter 1

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The best day of the whole school year. High school graduation! I saw the new kids there. They came in like two weeks ago. I think their names were Mark, JB, Junior, BamBam, YugYeom, Youngjae, and Jackson. I'm not entirely sure though. But, I did meet them two weeks ago, when they arrived at Arcadia High.

"Hey girl!" I heard my best friend yell at me.

"What Chlo?" I asked.

"You've been staring at Mark for quite a while now. Do you like him?!" She said while wiggling her eyebrows.

"What?! No Chloe! You know I'm dating Jimin!" I exclaimed.

"Ay, I know, I know. I just love teasing you." She teasingly smiled.

"I hate you." I shoved her and walked past her.

"Awe, I know you love me." She exclaimed after me.

I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. So of course, I crash right into someone. I fall to the floor and hit my butt hard on the grass.

"Omo! I'm terribly sorry!" The person said and helped me up.

I looked up to see one of the new boys.

"Junior, correct?" I asked.

"Nice to meet you again, Riley." He greeted politely.

"Oh goodness. Now I'm embarrassed because you can remember my name and I can barely remember your guys'." I said playing with my hands.

"Ay, it's okay. We accept you anyway." He responded.

"Thank y- wait we? What do you mean w-" I cut myself off as I looked up to see all seven boys looking at me with sweetness in their eyes.

"I mean all of u-" Junior got cut off when my boyfriend, Jimin, came and grabbed my hand.

"Hey, are they bothering you?" Jimin asked me.

"Ah, no no. Junior here just helped me back up when I fell. That's all." I smiled.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Junior and those are my friends Mark, Jackson, JB, YugYeom, BamBam, and Youngjae." Greeted Junior.

"You too. Jimin, and I see you've met Riley." Jimin responded.

"Yes, we all have. You her friend?" Jackson asked.

"Ah, actually, I'm her boyfriend." Jimin smiled at me.

"Oh! Well we were just helping her. I promise." BamBam replied, a bit shocked.

"I know. No need to be scared." Jimin assured them all.

They all nodded as if they got the memo. Then Jimin looked at me and whispered.

"Come on jagi, the ceremony's about to start."

I walked away hand in hand with Jimin. We sat down in the front row. The ceremony started and we all got so hyper.

"Welcome to the ceremony that you've all been waiting for since the start of this semester!" Dr. Brent Forsee said into the mic excitedly.

We all cheered loudly. The principal looked satisfied with himself and the reaction.

"First off, this student has excelled in many different subjects, yes, but, she has given her all in one specific class. That class is Advanced Mathematics. Everyone give a big round of applause for...Riley Petrali!"

I was so happy when I was the first one to receive my diploma, but I was also super shocked that they would acknowledge my strongest subject. Since I excel in every one of them.

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