Dear Mr. President... I Think I'm Dating Your Son [9]

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"but I-" Kale began but I continued

" I moved on and I know it may seem like I want to come back to you and maybe a part deep inside me does but trust is earned not given away and I think I've trusted you enough to know how true that is." I concluded, Kale had a look of amusement,

"umm okay, well I just wan-" he began

**Cassie's phone vibrates**

"sorry just give me a sec" I said to Kale looking at the caller Id, Adam.

"hey babe" I noticed Kale raise his eyebrows as I said that - I told you I wasn't gonna let you play with my heart and get away with it - I thought to myself.

"ha-ha hey gorgeous I'm not tired anymore and I feel like talking to you"

"Aren't you cute... Anyways I was jus hanging with Kale" Kale snorted when I said that.

"Well when you wanna talk..." I heard Kale trail off as he turned to sleep. I guess I was being kinda harsh,

"Adam you still there" I whispered considering Kale was asleep

"Yeah, but is now a good time? Because I can call back tomorrow". I thought about it for a second and decided,

" You know what keep talking, so wha-" I began but I was surprised, shocked and annoyed all at the same time when Kale grabbed the phone and said to Adam:

"Actually do /you/ know what you /can/ call her back" and with that he hanged up and turned to me "Cassie I think we should sort this out now".

"Uhh okay" I half stuttered,

"look Cass you know I still have feelings for you" you have a weird way of showing it i thought to myself "but I know I have a weird way of showing it" stole the words right out of my mouth "but hey Cass I'm willing to make this work, god I want to make us work".

My brain was processing at a billion thoughts per second, stupidly the only word or half a word I could think to say was "Oh" before Kale crashed his lips into mine. His tongue begged entrance into my mouth but I was reluctant until he took hold of my waist causing me to moan softly till as usual my brain kicked into action and I pushed him softly off of me.

"Look Kale I don't know what game you seem to be playing with me, you know going back and forth with me and Gemma but I'm done looking like the jealous girlfriend. I'm kinda dating Adam now, so let's just stay frien-" and as if on cue skanky, Gemma's voice called for Kale outside the tent.

"Kale babe" she screeched, okay I know I'm being mean but whatever.

I looked to kale to see his reaction but he looked like he was in some sorta trance, then something clicked inside him

"coming" he replied suddenly half annoyed

"where were you? You just like disappeared"

"well I'm here now so what's up?"

"This is what's up" I couldn't hear anything else because I'm guessing they were sucking face. Ergh!

I decided to sleep instead of wait on him to reply to what I said but whatever, I'd be lying though If I said I was okay with this. But c'mon I broke up with Zach less than a week ago, I couldn't go back to Kale who I believed had broken my heart, and now wanted to get back with me but was playing with my heart in the process by getting with the slut he cheated on me with( if he did cheat that is). I wasn't gonna deal with this drama, I'm 17, Cheer Captain of the Cheerios, I'm rich but I live a simple life. I had a boyfriend I may have a new one, my best friend is the best and hopefully if I continue with the almost perfect grade average that I have, I'll be able to graduate to Princeton or Yale. I did not need a further reason to stress.

CNN News

Lisa Lester: Good Morning and welcome to the morning edition. Into news a stripper from downtown 69 the scandalous club, has come forward claiming she has had sexually relations with Mr. President. Dain an update please

Dain Rich: Well hello beautiful...*laughs* yes fortunately for Mr. P the stripper who goes by the name of 'Fate' has been said to be mentally disturbed and once threaten to kill fellow workmates.

Lisa Lester: I've just got breaking news about mystery boy's MOTHER...**presses ear piece to her ear** what's the story Dain?

Dain Rich: Our sources say that mystery boy's mum previously worked at a strip joint and so speculation is arising in the media that Fate may know or have been in contact with her. You better be thanking your lucky stars Mystery mum because thanks to our unreliable source, yours and your sons' identities will continue to remain unknown. Not for long...

Mystery Boys Mothers POV

I've been keeping track of all the news broadcasts about my son and my relationship with the president. What people don't understand is I'm not some desperate woman trying to make a name for myself by announcing to the world that I'm the woman the president of this country slept and bore a child with. They don't understand that my relationship with Castor is more that just a one-night stand relationship (if that's even classified a relationship) it was so much more than that. I loved him and he loved me but after College, we went our separate ways but not before we... I will not get into details but...

The product? Well 'mystery boy'.


xxx you totally have to give us credit for this we took forever trying to get a mental picture of this chapter on paper, Sorry it's short but we got chap ten typed up just proof reading it. We told you we knew what direction we were taking the book. You know what to do xxx


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