Dear Mr. President... I Think I'm Dating Your Son [9]

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xxxGhostwriter1: ha-ha, you didn't think we'd tell you who mystery boy was in the ninth chapter did you?

Ghostwriter2: Oh, my god you are so mean

Ghostwriter1: eat me alive...gosh **rolls eyes, shrugs shoulders**

Ghostwriters: okay so yeah maybe we won't tell yah just yet, that would make the story boring. Just a side note though some of the Presidents and mystery boys POVs are flash-forward's, (if that makes sense) so if they are ahead of CNN or vice versa you'll understand why. Love the support, you guys are great. You know what to do xxx



Lisa Lester: Good evening and welcome to CNN news, tonight the new topic of discussion is the new DEAR MR. PRESIDENT HOTLINE. Created by a group of love stuck middle-aged women this anonymous hotline is aimed towards President Castor Lewis' growing fan club. In the growing weeks, calls made by these anonymous and unnamed individuals will be played back to the public. Now our first caller to kick us off, finish this statement DEAR MR. PRESIDENT:

Anonymous: Dear Mr. President I totally love you...

Mystery Boys POV

Who ever would have thought your average teen guy would ever get /this/ much fame thrown onto them. I mean I was the presidents' illegitimate son. At first, I thought it was pretty cool you know, like, I am the main topic of every news bulletin, I'm all they're talking about on the air waves.

I mean my dad and I have our own hotlines (we didn't actually make it) but there's one glitch. See my dad (President Castor Lewis) and I, strategically planned that wherever we were together I'd never show my face. At first, it was just until dads' campaign was over, because he did NOT need or want that kind of controversy, considering he'd have to explain the whole story, but then he was elected and well you know the rest.

It was all sorta going well until I got a package sent to me. Inside were pictures of dad and I at all the places the media had been and had taken pictures of us which were then published in tabloids and stuff but of course my back was always turned. I wont lie and say that it doesn't get tiring but what can I do - presidents orders. I flicked through them until I got to the last one.

My hands were trembling so much I dropped the pictures to the floor, they knew because the last picture was of me, and my back wasn't turned. No my face was in full view and I was with the president. They knew, the media knew. I called the only person I could think of besides my dad, the Minister of Humanities Steve Drakenson

The phone rang twice before he picked up

"Hello Sir it's me"

"oh yes son (not figurative) how are you doing?"

"Err not so well I have a... umm problem"

"do you need me to call your father?"

"You'll probably have to after I tell you"

"Oh no!" he hummed to himself" They know don't they, I've been dreading this day since Castor told me" he said mumbling the last part.

Cassie's POV

"Okay look, I'm probably as confused as you are Kale I mean, one second your kissing me and the next your all over Gemma. How much do you wanna rub it in for me that I'm always second best to her. You want me to be completely honest then fine you asked for it and don't tell me I didn't warn you. I actually thought we had a chance, when I'm alone with you I still feel the way I used to, but Kale it's a lot more complicated than that."

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