Chapter 22

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Cece's P.O.V.

"What are you getting to eat?" Brie asks me.

"Sliders with cheese fries and a chocolate milkshake, what about you?" I ask looking at her.

"I'm not sure. I'm been craving all lot for the past 2 weeks." I stifle a laugh glancing quickly at Jace.

"I haven't gotten my period either. It's a few days late, too" I feel Jace stiffen next to me and his breathing getting harder.

"Ha-have you two?" he asks pointing his fingers back and forth between his sister and Chace.

"Had sex? Yeah, why?" She answers. Chace was too busy looking over the menu to pay attention to our conversation

"I'm going to kill him." he says stretching his arms to attack Chace over the table.

Brie and I start laughing making Jace stop what he was about to do.

"Are you kidding me?" Realizing Brie was pranking him.

"You're so gullible, it's hilarious" Brie says through fits of giggles.

"She's not pregnant if that's what you're thinking." I say looking over to the side to see a waited come our way.

"What are you guys getting?" Chace asks lifting his head. One look that Brie and I give him at his clueless face makes the both of us go into a fit of giggles.

"What did I miss?" He asks as a waiter makes his way to us.

"Nothing babe" Brie says kissing his cheek to which I see Jace sending her a glare. I squeeze his thigh making him stiffen. Once we order to make small talk.

"Do you know where you are going to university at?" Brie asks Chace. Don't say it, don't say it.......and he said it.

"Uh-yeah, Ce and I got accepted to NYU and UCLA." I hung my head. I get a look from Jace.

"You already got accepted to a university?" He asked surprised.

"Yeah, we applied last year. I have no idea how it happened but it did. Chace got almost a full ride, only has to pay a little out of pocket for either school. My best friend here is all brains and idiot, but all brains" I say laughing.

"Wow, I'm dating a nerd. A hot nerd!" Brie giggles.

"Told you I wasn't all looks, sarcasm and jokes" He says grinning. I'm proud of my best friend. He's been through a lot. His father died when he was young serving our country and his mom, to say the least, is a whore, she treats Chace like shit, her "boyfriend" come before Chace and they treat him like shit just like she does. Good thing is, Chace is an only child, so that's a good thing. (CAN'T REMEMBER IF I WROTE ABOUT CHACE'S PAST BUT THIS IS IT AND WHY CHACE IS ALWAYS AT CE'S AND WHY HE KIND OF IS A SLUT.)

"Are you okay with him leaving that far?" Jace asks his sister.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I? I'm so proud of him. I'll support him in anything he chooses. I'm still waiting for my acceptance letters. I applied to UCLA, but it's not my top university." She says.

"Where did you apply to?" I ask Jace.

"I got a full ride to Temple University, NYU, Michigan, and Pittsburgh for football." he says taking a sip of his soda.

"Are you serious?" I ask. He clears his throat and looks up at me.


"How are you guys, no offense, act so dumb, say so many dumb shits, yet, have awesome grades and get full rides?" Brie asks.

"We're smart?" Chace says not sure himself.

"Obviously." I say.

When the food finally came we ate and joked around. Jace and Chace were looking comfortable around each other as they joked around. When we got to the movies we had to wait almost an hour to watch the movie so we played for half that time and then went to get ICEE's. If I learned something it was that Jace and Chace together? Well, they're the most competitive humans I've met. All you heard was cursing from their side and groaning. Brie and I stood next to them a little embarrassed at their actions and how childish they were acting. Once we walked out of the movie theater we walked down the sidewalk to an ice cream shop that was only a block away. Brie and Chace in front of us. They were holding hands and playing, looking like they were a couple in love. Jace and I walking side-by-side quietly.

"Do you think they'll last after high school? All through university when they're going to be so far from each other?" Jace suddenly asks.

"Yes, I-know-that Chace actually has feelings for her. Believe it or not, Chace is a great guy and he doesn't like hurting people. He's been through a lot since his dad died. So, yes, I know they'll last. He doesn't give up when he wants or loves someone. He's sarcastic, a jokester and all, but he works for what he wants and doesn't give up. So, I see him working his ass off in university and giving Brie everything she wants. He'll treat her like a queen like he has treated me." I say shrugging.

"Yeah" he doesn't say anything, just keeps walking by my side. He had a thoughtful look on his face as we eat our ice cream and make our way to the car. 

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