(RWBY) Cinder Fall x Cat Faunus! Reader

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Your P.O.V.

         As team RWBY and I reach the academy I had managed to start up a good conversation with Blake, who surprisingly stopped reading just to talk to me. I didn't have a team because I came in later in the year so I was assigned to follow team RWBY and help them in any way I could. Ruby and Weiss were int the front trying to talk. Keyword "trying". Yang kept jumping in between them. Ruby and Weiss just came out to Yang, Blake and i that they were dating. So obviously Yang and Blake said they were dating also. Which left me as an odd ball, but they never made me feel like it. They knew me well and treated me as if they were still hiding the fact that they were all together.

          It was getting close to the time for the Vytal Festival Tournament to being. My cat ears twitch with excitement. All the teams had shown up and were in all different parts of the dorms. There was one team. The team from Haven Academy. They seemed off. There was a girl with mint green hair and red eyes. I think her name was Emerald. Then there was Mercury. He has silvery- gray hair and gray eyes. Then there was the mysterious girl who had black hair with green eyes. No one knows her name. And finally there was the leader. She has black hair and amber eyes named Cinder. She always looked so sinister, like she saw death everyday.

          Everyone stopped as Ruby fell, but luckily Weiss was there to catch her. Infront of her stood the team from Haven that had been on my mind for a while now. They hadn't put their name in yet but considering their names it would most likely be close to Cme, but since I don't know the mysterious girl's name I'm probably wrong. The one that ran into Ruby was Cinder. She had on a smile as did the other 3. Mercury, Emerald and the mysterious girl were all looking at me. I flattened my ears and sneaked behind Blake without her noticing. 

         I could still feel their eyes on me and when I looked up the three of them were staring at me with grins. When I looked over to where Ruby was I saw Cinder staring straight at me. Her amber eyes seemed so mischievous and almost scary. As if they were looking straight into my soul,"I'm sorry about that. We were just going out for a walk and I wasn't paying attention. Please excuse us". With that they were on the way away. As team RWBY and I started walking again I could still feel the eyes of a Cinder and her team on me.

         We finally arrived to team RWBY's door,"Oohhhh! I can't wait for tomorrow's match!," Ruby was way too happy for this. Everyone laughed and we entered the room. It didn't take long before everyone was asleep. Well, besides me. I was kept awake at the thought of who the team from Haven might truly be. My ears perked up as I heard light shuffling outside the door,'No one should be out right now,' I think to myself. I quietly get out of my bed and walk to the door. When I opened it, no one was there. 

         I went to shut the door but someone's foot stopped it. Before I could turn around I felt a strong arm wrap around my waist and a hand cover my mouth with a cloth. I panicked and took a deep breath in and slowly everything became black as I fell limp. 

*Time Skip*

         I woke up with a very bad head ache. I tried moving my hand but they were tied together and so were my feet. I looked around and saw I was in a room. There were two candles lit. I tried to get up, but something pushed me back down from behind. My eyes widened as I realized it was a person. I shot away from the bed a looked at the person to see Cinder.  I backed up and was pushed back in by Emerald who was followed by Mercury and the mysterious girl.

         "Don't be so scared, kitten," Cinder's smooth voice sent shivers down my spine.

         "What do you want with me?," I could only get out a whisper. I was so scared seeing these four people and I couldn't fight back. Cinder got up out of the bed and came over to me and motioned to Mercury. Mercury then stepped closer to me and picked me up caring me to the bed and setting me on it. 

         Cinder smiled,"Neo, will you please?" The mysterious girl the stepped forward. She nodded and she blinked and her eyes turned from green to one brown and one pink. Then her black hair turn to half brown half pink as well,"This is Neo. This is what she really looks like," my ears flattened as the girl Neo stepped up to the bed and took out a small knife. She turned me around and cut the ropes off of me so I was free.

         "You captured me just to set me free?," I questioned, truely curious.

         Cinder didn't say anything at first and waited as Emerald, Neo, and Mercury left then she spoken up walking towards me,"Oh kitten, untying you doesn't mean I'm setting you free". Her hand reached my cheek and softly stroked it. She pulled me in closer to her and our lips collided in a soft short kiss. 

          I pulled away fast and looked up at her scared and then she smiled happily seeing me scared,"It's alright kitten. Let's make a deal. You become mine and I won't let anyone hurt you deal?"

        I was so scared to say no so I nodded my head and she pulled me into another kiss. This time though I kissed back. I realized that this wouldn't be so bad. She was beautiful and now, with her, I wouldn't get hurt. She took my hands and made me wrap them around her neck and she wrapped her arms around my waist. For the rest of the night we made out. Then the following day she led me away from Beacon so we could be together.

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