Hey Guys...

The video is the music video for the song Hot Mess by Cobra Starship ->

The pictures on the side is a sort of idea on what Scott's house looks like ->

Hope you enjoy the insight to Scott's life :)


I turned my key to the right in the door and walked in whilst closing the door behind me. I could see the house phone flashing red meaning that there was a new message. I pressed the button whilst throwing my bag near the coat rack, in the corner, and walked towards the kitchen to get something to eat before I started my homework.

“Leave your message after the beep... BEEEEP”

“Hayden... you must be at school... Call me as soon as you get in I haven’t spoken to you in over nearly 3 weeks sweetie”

I opened the fridge and looked at the bar of galaxy and then the pineapples in a tin... mmm chocolate or fruit... such a hard decision I mean delicious, mouth-watering chocolate or boring but yet juicy fruit... I reached my hand out towards the bar of galaxy and took it without giving it a second thought. I walked towards the hallway and grabbed hold of the phone as well as my book bag. I walked into the living room and put down my bag on the coffee table whilst grabbing hold of the remote for the stereo and switched the radio on. I dialled my mum’s mobile number and waited for a while listening to the rings on the other end.


“Hey mum”

“Oh sweetie... I’m so sorry I haven’t rung you in a while it’s just the work out here is chaotic”

“Don’t worry about it mum... I’ve been busy anyway” I said whilst unwrapping the little piece of heaven in my hands.

“Oh ye... What’ve you been up to?” She asked curiously.

“Well I’ve been hanging out with Becki and the guys”

“And the guys?” Mum asked me curiously. I could tell that she would have both of her eyebrows now on her forehead due to the shock and curiosity to who I was referring to.

“Ye... Jamie, Blake, Scott and urm...” I coughed whilst saying Jake to try and cover it up.

“Oh ye... so you and Jake have made up then?” She asked with a hint of a ‘told you so’ in her voice. I could tell that she’ll be sat there with a smile on her face.

“Ye... we talked.”

“And did you let him fully explain why he was protecting you?”

“Yes mum” I said to her.

“Told you fate would take place”

“Mum... shut up” she laughed on the other side of the phone.

“So what have you guys been doing then?”

“Just hanging out at the guys garage”

“Ok... well I also rang to tell you that my flight to London is on the October 30th so I should be home when you come in from school on the Monday.”

“Oh ok... mum... if I leave a letter on the side will you sign it for me when you come in?”

“Ye of course... what’s it for sweetie?”

“Well we got our results back today from that maths challenge thing and the school needed 185 points to be able to go to London for the final and we got... 190”

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