Chapter Fifty Two

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I got my key and opened the house' door.
The girls were probably sleeping cause the house was dark when I got in. I locked the door behind me and put on the lights.


I gasped afraid, dropping my keys and phone. There stood all the girls.

"Oh my gawd..." I muttered.  Megan smiled happily and approached me.

"A little something for you." she laughed, leading me to the living room where a beautiful cake awaited.

"Oh, it's for me??" I asked surprised.

"Yup, baby girl." Blaire said.

"We want you to remember us as you leave. We're so happy for your lucky opportunity. Megan told us." Belle added to my surprise.

"Yeah, it's great!" Bree added. I stared at them surprised.

"Am I dreaming or both of you seem to be happy for me?" I asked surprised.

"Hahahaha, I'm happy cause you're leaving. So Rick's free." Belle said proudly.

"And I'm happy cause Lucas won't have to hang around with you no more." Bree added.
I laughed and rolled my eyes at them.

"Good luck."

I was happy because of what the girls had done for me. I thanked them and made a little speech.
Since it was already too late and they all had lectures the next day, we simply shared the cake amongst ourselves, ate and went to sleep.

I reached my room and stared at my already packed bag. I would miss Greenwill.

I entered my bathroom and undressed and brushed my teeth.

In only had a bra and panties, I walked out of the bath and towards my bed.
I was about to get on it when suddenly someone knocked at my room's window. I shook afraid but when I turned to see who or what it was, I saw Lucas. I gasped surprised.

"Lucas?" I asked amused and went to open the window, "How did you get up here?"

He smiled

"It's easy with all these trees around. Can I come in?"

"Sure" I laughed. He came in and closed the window.

"Didn't see you the whole afternoon so I decided to come see you now. Got an early class tomorrow."

"Oh thanks. That's sweet of you."

"Yeah. And I'm here because you owe me a kiss too."

"Hmm, and who said–"

"Don't you mention Rick. He's not your boyfriend anymore. It's one in the morning. We're literally Monday." he mused. I smiled and shook my head.

"You're a case. One kiss and then get out."


Before I had time to answer, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me real good. He kissed me like we'd never meet again.

As we kissed, I heard heavy droplets of rain on the roof of the house. I tried to push him away to let him know about the rain but I couldn't. His kiss weakened me in every way.
By the time we broke the kiss, rain was heavily pouring outside.

"Alright. Guess I'll have to brave the rain to get back to the sigma house." he kissed my forehead, "Goodnight Harl. I love you and I'll miss you."

He turned to open the window.

"Wait. You're gonna go under that rain??" I asked.

"Yeah. But your kiss was worth getting myself wet." he joked.

"Luke, I'm not kidding. You can get ill if you go under that rain."

"I have no choice, Harl. Remember there's class early tomorrow."

I was silent for a moment but then spoke again.

"Stay here!" I suddenly said. He turned to me surprised. "You can't go under the rain."

He smiled at me.

"I'll be glad to stay."

"Yes, but we'll be doing nothing. I'm telling you." I teased, amused.

"Sleeping on your bed is enough."

"Hmmm. Okey. I'll put the alarm at six so you get up and prepare for class."


I walked up to the bed and climbed in, getting under the sheets. I watched Lucas who smiled down at me. Removing his shoes and shirt, he got in with me.

I backed him.

"Goodnight, rich kid."

"Goodnight, princess."

I smiled to myself and put off the lights. Immediately I did, I felt him snuggle up behind me and wrap his arms around my waist, his chest against my back and his groin against my butt. He held me tight and kissed the back of my neck. I smiled in the dark. Somehow I'd hope he would do just that when I'd put off the lights. And he did. I put my arm over his and we soon drifted off to sleep.

The alarm woke me up the next morning. I'd put it for Lucas to get up.

"Luke..." I yawned, "Get up. You got an hour to prepare..."

When I didn't get a reply, I turned to realise that he wasn't there and was long gone. I noticed a little note he left by me. I picked it up. It read;

"Couldn't disturb you in your beauty sleep. I'll miss you. And as always, I love you.
Ps. Though you didn't tell me you love me too

I smiled and folded the paper before keeping it safely away.

I got back to sleep soon enough.

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