Chapter Seventy-Nine

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April showers was supposed to bring May flowers, yet April showers brought May snow to Superior, Wisconsin, upon Meredith's return. While it had been quiet in California without much fanfare. Meredith hoped it to continued, and it did until May Day hit.

Meredith pulled up her hood to cover her hair as she stepped out of Crownhart. The snow and rain mix pelted her, like little needles hitting her. Stepping out with her hood up, she almost didn't hear them, until her eyes swung to the right and across the street stood paparazzi. Holding their cameras up, more and more flashes of light echoed across the street.

"Shit," Meredith muttered, plunging forward. The road was slick under her red rain boots.

Dashing forward, cameras were shoved in her face. Taking another step forward, Meredith moved through the crowd of men. She knew all of the names by now because they always came for her, except for one new male, who was a bit too jumpy for her taste. His camera swung at her face, and she hit it back without hesitation. The paparazzo let out of yell, falling back, but the rest of the paparazzi stepped forward to take his place. Meredith stared at him, making his back down; her gaze was even and dangerous, challenging someone to mess with her.

"Meredith, will we be hearing wedding bells any time soon?" asked a paparazzo.

"Are there any babies on the way?" asked a paparazzo.

Meredith knew better by now to know the paparazzi only came knocking at her door, in northern Wisconsin or her home in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, if something was up. Whether or not Meredith was involved or it was one big rumor, they came sniffing at her feet.

"How was California?" asked a paparazzo, voice popping out of the crowd, which usually they meant the paparazzi was too close.

Meredith sighed; this time it was her fault. Putting on a nice smile, she didn't quicken her pace but rather directed herself better toward the union. Cameras were pushed her into a face, but after a side-step, they backed off. Meredith wasn't exactly known to play nice with the paparazzi, and she had no problem putting them in their place. Also, while they were in Superior, she held the power; at any moment, she only had to call the police and the paparazzi were gone.

Yet, she didn't do that. Harry preferred if she did that, but Meredith found the paparazzi usually harmless.

Entering the union, the paparazzi were forced to stay outside, which was funny to Meredith because they had the ability to come in.

Her friend, Giorgi, walked up beside her. "How'd that go?"

Meredith shrugged. "It wasn't too bad." The new paparazzo needed to be taught a lesson, but she assumed the other paparazzi would have it done.

"It doesn't annoy you."

"I'm just preparing for the rest of my life." The words rolled so easily off her tongue that she didn't even realize they came out before Giorgi stopped and stared at her. "It's not official. It never is, and who knows what might happen. But if we continue to like each other, the rest of my life is destined to be followed by sweaty men with large cameras."

 Giorgi's eyes slid over to her friend. "You're marrying for love."

"Yeah, but I'll still be followed around for the rest of my life." Meredith knew she was meant to be scared, but at this point, not many things scared her. Of course there were spiders and snakes that scared her-- and Jack-- but the paparazzi didn't scare her. Above the paparazzi was Harry's family, which was destined to happen soon. In fact, when in a month or so when they saw each other again, Harry talked about meeting his family. All of that was enough anxiety to make her vomit just at the thought.

In class, Meredith easily ignored the mess that waited outside. It was all the usual, and Meredith knew the drill. She was supposed to keep her head down and give the paparazzi nothing, yet Meredith also knew herself, so like hell that was happening.

It didn't stop from Harry texting her in class. You okay?

Always, Meredith responded. How has your day been? Has anything fun happened?

It only took a few seconds for Harry text back a snarky response, Of course not. I assume nothing is happening to you either.

Never. Meredith glanced up, and the professor hadn't noticed yet. Yeah, it's just really chill here, like snowing type of chill.

Yeah, I saw.

Creepy. While on the phone, Meredith decided to look up what California picture there were of Harry and her. Of course there were pictures; Meredith had been thinking about it her whole time in California, yet it took so long for them to come out. Scrolling through the pictures, she understood why. It looked like vacation photos taken of other people, and it when someone finally looked at them, they saw a ginger and blonde in the back that oddly looked like Prince Harry and his girlfriend, Meredith Rogue.

"Ms. Rogue, would you please rejoin us?" called the teacher.

Meredith set down her phone and paid attention, cheeks blushing at being caught. Focusing for the rest of class, Meredith grabbed her phone out of backpack and looked for any messages. Harry had sent a long message to his girlfriend about staying out of trouble, and his girlfriend happily responded by rolling her eyes and walking outside.

It was snowing again, now thick and heavy flakes, and Meredith pulled up her hood. It didn't cover her face, when she hoped it might. The paparazzi were on her within a minute. She knew she only needed to ride out of the wave of paparazzi, because soon enough they would get bored of her; they always did.

Whatever questions or things were yelled at her, she heard nothing with her tight hood. The wind blew heavily against her, threatening to knock her over. Meredith stayed steadily on her feet. If she wasn't knocked over by the paparazzi, nothing knocked over.

Getting into her residence hall, Meredith turned back and watched the paparazzi, whom took up their position again, just waiting for her to emerge again. It was her life now.


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