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Aren't panic attacks in the middle of class just great? Had one today and I think I might've lost a friend. 

Mitch walked into the small shop, his hand latched onto Scott's tightly. He looked around and saw Kirstie and Jeremy already filling a few shopping bags. 

"Grab whatever you can for yourself. We are not sharing unless if comes to the point where we're short on food. Try getting more dry foods than wet." Scott called as he reached behind the counter and grabbed a specifically large bag. 

He handed the bag to Mitch who shook it open and walked around the store. He pushed in chips, cupped cereal, random fruits that seemed to still be ripe and a few candy bars around the shelves. 

Scott grabbed waters and energy drinks from the coolers to drop them into the bag Mitch carried. He noticed Mitch's arms shaking from holding the bag so he took the handles in his hand and held Mitch's shoulder with the other. 

"Calm down. We aren't staying long. We need to drop by your house before we leave out of the city, but first." Scott mumbled as he looked around. He saw the freezer still open and noticed there were cans of worms stacked for fishers who were passing by. He walked over and opened a can before picking out the worms and grabbing a handful of dirt. He strolled back to Mitch and rubbed it on his face and arm, happy that the group took their masks off long before they reached the store. 

"Scott, what the fuck?!" Mitch screeched as he backed away and rubbed the dirt off of his face before lightly hitting Scott on the arm. 

"What? It keeps the police dogs from getting our scent. It's best to go into your house smelling like dirt." 

"Why do we even need to go to the house? All toiletries that we need are here." Mitch grunted. 

"Well, for one, we need more clothes and another thing." Scott leaned closer to Mitch to growl in his ear. "We won't last long without at least one butt plug or a vibrator." He rubbed his hand over Mitch's butt cheek that stood out in his silky suit before giving it a rough squeeze as he licked a fat stripe from Mitch's neck up to his ear. 

Mitch shivered and he shoved Scott away as he covered the wet mark with his hand and tried to focus on not getting a hard on while he was in a store with other people. He heard Scott chuckled before rubbing dirt over his face and pulling his sleeve up to rub it over his arms. 

Scott passed the container around until it came back to him and rubbed more of the dirt on Mitch's neck and rubbed it into his suit. 

"Alright. Kevin, you take Kirstie and Jeremy with you, Avi and Alex to go get clothes and I'll make sure Mitch can get his stuff safely." Scott said as he ran his hand on the low of Mitch's back. 

"Sounds good. Meet you at the usual place?"  

"Of course. Is the car still there?" 

"Good as new. There's still some of our old clothes still at the cabin but who knows what dust or rats got into them and chewed some holes." Kevin mentioned. 

"Good point. See you at the car." Scott finished the conversation by leading Mitch to the store doors. 

"Have you guys done this before?" Mitch questioned as the two walked down the dark alleyway. 

"Of course. Just, we had a different store to get out stuff from. There's a cabin in the woods, we're surprised the police still haven't it. Even thought it's a two day drive away from here. Kevin and I even walked to find the field it's in. We built the cabin by ourselves. Which is where Avi comes in actually." Scott spoke.


Scott lifted a stack of wood in his arms and carried them to Kevin who took them and placed it onto the already made stack in the middle of the field.

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