Never imagined that I would be waiting for my sister to give birth to her twins. Well not when she is only 18 and the dad isn't around. She won't even tell us his name. Said he doesn't want to be involved. Personally I think he needs his ass kicked. Only thing I know about him is that he is Italian. When she first told all of us that she was pregnant our parents flipped. They are very traditional. They believe that a man and woman should be married before they have a family. Which is why I haven't told them that I am gay. I don't want them to hate me.

"Mr. and Mrs. Matthias," the doctor said coming out of the operating room.

"Yes," My parents said standing up.

"The babies are healthy," he said. "But I'm sorry your daughter didn't make it. She lost too much blood."

My parents instantly started crying. Hell I was crying. My big sister was gone. She was the only one I could ever go to. She's the only one that knew all of my secrets. Even about me being gay.

"What will happen about the babies?" I asked.

"Well it seems that Charis had already thought of that," the doctor said. "I have someone from the legal department bringing down the paperwork that she had filled out. But it seems that she wanted both of the babies to be raised by Angel Matthias."

"Me?" I asked. "But I am only 15. How am I suppose to take care of two babies. I'm still in school. I don't even have a job."

"Son we will figure all of this out," my dad said. "But if your sister wanted you to take care of them then you should think about it. We will be there to help."

Just then a lady walked in and spoke to the doctor and my parents. She was the one from legal. After filling out paperwork that made me the legal gaurdian of both babies, which it seems my name is to go on their birth certificates as their father, I was told I had to think of names.

"Would you like to see the babies," the doctor asked.

"Yeah," I said. "Maybe then I can think of their names."

We walked down to the NICU and a nurse came up to us. The doctor left saying something about having another delivery.

"Can I help you," she asked.

"I'm here to see the Matthias twins," I said.

"Well you have to be accompanied by one of the parents I'm sorry," she said.

"I'm their father now," I said and handed her the paperwork that the lawyer gave me.

"Well we need to get you a wrist band," she said after reading the papers. "The bands help us identify who the parents are and which baby they should be with. You will get two. One for each baby. You must keep the bands on in order to visit the babies. Security reasons. You must wash your hands every time you visit."

She put both bands around my right wrist. We walked over to where two isolets were.

"Have you thought of any names," she asked.

"I wasn't expecting this," I said. "I was hoping seeing them would help."

"I understand." she said. "Well you visit. And I will be around if you need anything."

"Do you know how long they will be in here," I asked.

"When they reach at least 5 pounds and will drink from a bottle. We are giving them fluids through an iv now. Then they will have a feeding tube. They were born at 30 weeks so in about 5 weeks we will try to get them to latch on. They only weigh 2 lbs 5 oz each so it may be a while till they go home. Also when we have babies in here we try to give them time to bond with the parents where we strip them to just a diaper and have the parents hold them against their bare chest. It helps them also regulate their heat. Does it sound interesting to you?"

"If it helps then yeah." I said. I walked over to the isolets. As I was looking at the babies I knew what I wanted to name them. Landon Aidan and London Nadia Matthias. I let the nurse know and she gave me the paperwork to fill out.

About an hour later it was time to go home. My parents insisted that I still go to school tomorrow. I went straight to bed when we got home.

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