Everlasting Adoration

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Everlasting Adoration

Sequel to Forever Dead

Written by: JcLynn


            I watched myself in the mirror, the steam of the shower circling around my body slowly; a body that had changed in the few months I had been here, just like the rest of me after I first opened my family’s locket. The family power stored there for centuries now resided in me, a detail I am forever reminded of. Had I known I couldn’t just give the magic back, I may have done things differently. I was no longer boring human Audrina Knight, I was now full-blooded witch and future Queen of the vampires.

            My arms and legs had toned sufficiently over the last few months I had been here, which was a combination of my body changing due to the power it held and my training with the Castle Sentinel. My hair, once a yellow blonde, now was a vibrant gold that cascaded down my back in long waves. Another thing I learned about witches, our hair and nails grew significantly faster than other supernatural’s, which I still didn’t understand the point of. My once green eyes were now a vivacious violet that shined like a cat and my features were sharper, almost elfish. The magic inside of me was changing my body, making me powerful and appealing. Witches were naturally beautiful creatures. The magic of nature and all the worlds in the Universe is what we held, and with that, brought on a physical appearance worthy of a Goddess, as Nicholai liked to refer to me as.

            In my time here I had learned much about myself, one fun fact being all witches were born twins; one evil and one good. It was nature’s way of balancing out the unnatural power we held. In the history of time there was never a witch who was both, but when I killed my sister Arianna for her crimes against my friends and family, her power was automatically poured into the family locket. And because I absorbed that power, something never done, I also absorbed hers.

            I snapped my fingers and a violet ball of magic hovered over my open palm. Once a trick that took all my power was now as simple as flicking on a light. I closed my hand, letting the power sizzle and sink back into my skin. My once red hot magic combined with my sisters cold blue, created a violet light that shared the color of my eyes. I sighed and tied my hair into a damp French braid.

            I always thought it was hilarious when celebrities back in Vivens complained about their lives. They never had privacy or they had so much power they didn’t know what to do with it. Just one word could spin out of control and push them into a light they didn’t want to be viewed in. But now I understood their pain.

            Once I had accepted my role as Mate to Nicholai Romano, the crowned prince of Mortuus, I wasn’t only pronouncing my love for my soul mate, but I also accepted the entire kingdom into my life. I never realized how much I had to do. You would think being a princess was easy. Shopping and traveling, living in the limelight as the most beloved royalty, at least this is what Katreena had said, but no one ever mentions the difficulties that come with it. Having to accept the distaste of creatures that hate humans and witches, the decisions that can either make or break a person’s life or the rules that come with the job.

            I groaned as I slipped on a plain white off the shoulder top and my yoga pants. The rules were the worse part of this. I wasn’t allowed to leave the castle grounds without guards, I couldn’t use my power unless in self-defense or training, (because the public was still getting used to the fact that I was a witch, their sworn enemy) and the horrid Princess Training.

            The last few months had been a whirlwind of information. I was learning everything about Mortuus. The counties, the creatures, and the languages…it never ended. I had just passed my Vampire’s Realm exam and now I was on to the Elven Woods; a world that the vampires shared with the fairies and elves. Did you catch what I said there? Exam? Yeah that’s right, I forgot to mention that I couldn’t just marry Nicholai because we are in love. Nope…that would have been too easy. I also have to take tests proving my knowledge of the world I was going to help rule.

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