Trouble Arise! : The Villainess' First Move!

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Still remember of how I said Claire was an intelligent girl? Well, she'll show it at this time around.

Her character... wont be lazy this time!

Ps. Awkward Chapter. Making Mikayuki look evil required time... she... is too... whatever... me sleeping. Bye-bye


Hello... My name is Cla- I mean Mikayuki Elicia-Makya!

And the man in black inside my mind~

It's been two weeks and two days since I've reincarnated here. None of my subordinates believe that I am not Mikayuki Elicia anymore!

Rather, they, even my family called me an Amnesia Freak!!!!!

Let's just ignore it for a while...

Don't want to ruin the mood-Miyu....

Ah~ but I can forget the horrible time as tomorrow is the day I will go to school!!!

Riveria Academy... where dreams come true. Look at the cute uniforms and fancy building. Different than my old school!

Moreover, they respect the strong and filled with handsome guys and cute but elegant girls!!!

I bet I can adapt faster here! After all, a Villainess must be tough and strong!!! Although....

"My elemental power is ZERO?!!!!" I looked at Tsukasa with shock as I munch on my cheescake. It's afternoon tea time so yeah, I'm outside in the rose garden... alone... with my two subordinate.

"You don't know? Did you really suffer amnesia? You don't even remember your family's name and even your personal info??" Sora replied as he poured a cup of tea.

"I told you I have been reincarnated...."

"Yeah... right. So, what's your name then, Ms. Reincarnated??" Tsukasa said teasingly, earning a glare from Sora. He then quickly apologize to me.

"Miss Elicia, I am very sorry for my brother's-"

"Claire! My previous name is Claire!!"

Sora and Tsukasa stared at each other for a while until.... "Milady, me and Tsukasa hoped to speak alone for a while"

"Alright! This information is too hard for you to digest! So digest it carefully!!!"

"Yes~ Yes~ milady! Please don't bother with us"

"O-oy! Sora!!!"

I smiled as they went away.... secretly, inside my mind, I've light the candles for my 'Shipping Ritual'....

(A bond between brothers... and moreover... for the oldest to beg for forgiveness in order to free his little bro...??? Then drag him away... while the youngest act all that manly....??? One word.... IYKWIM....)

Pairing's Status.... Legit

Sora's POV.

I dragged my little brother, Tsukasa away and surveyed my surounding...

This palace is always empty. Only is three are the resident of Autumn Rain Palace....

I always thought of it as a prison and a desolate place thus, hating it. But now it doesn't seem so bad(?)

"Bro! What are you doing?!"

"Shh! Be quiet! Hey... Tsukasa, don't you think Milady Elicia changed?"

"Whaddya think it's like that? She seemed normal???"

"No! Look, hear me out! Usually, for you accidentally blurting out one of your nonsensical words, she'll yell at us and wont let us have dinner. Moreover, our pay got cut by one silver! But now...."

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