Chapter Fifty One

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"Yes Kadij. Okay. Tuesday then. Thank you so much....yeah....bye." I hung up with a smile. I still couldn't believe it!
I'd be traveling for Washington on Tuesday. With my mom by my side.

There was a knock at my door and Megan walked in.

"Oh Harl, so you're really going away?" she pouted and came to hug me.

"Yeah. I have no choice, Meg. It's a golden opportunity."

"Right. Have you told the girls?"

"Not yet."

"Oh, okay."

I smiled at her and turned to get my towel.

"Gotta shower now."

"You'll be going out?"

"Yup. Last night with Lucas. Then tomorrow Rick."

"Mmm, nice. Okey. Lemme leave you then."

"Alright. Goodnight."


She left my room and I went into the bath to shower. Lucas was to come get me soon.

As I washed myself, I heard my room's door opening. I stopped the shower.

"Who is it??" I asked.

"Me, me!" Lucas replied.

"Oh, you're here earlier than expected."

"Nope, I'm on time. I said nine. It's nine."

"Really?" I asked turning on the shower, "Didn't realise."

"Your showering?"


"Need help?" he joked.

"Ha–ha–ha, no thanks." I replied sarcastically and heard him chuckle.

"You told Rick?"


"How did he react?"

"Um, pretty well. Than expected."


I rinsed the soap off me and stopped the running water.
I dried myself off and left the bathroom.
Lucas sat on my bed waiting. He smiled at me.

"How's my future star feeling?"

"Great. Awesome!"

"I see that. You spoke to Kadij?"

"Yup. I'm travelling Tuesday. Turn around." I ordered and he did so I could dress up.

"So how did you plan to do things?" he asked with his back to me.

"Monday I'll leave for Brooklyn. Bye bye Manhattan for good. Then Tuesday, my momma and I will be off."

"Wow. Seems so unreal that you'll leave."

"I know right. Seems so unreal I might not see you again."

"Oh, we'll see. Thanks to social media." he chuckled.


"Only difference is I won't be able to hug you or feel you anymore."

"Oh, common Luke. Let's not make things harder than they are." I walked up to him from behind and kissed his cheek.

"You're done?"

"Yeah. Lemme wear my shoes so we go."



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