Chapter 27

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Stopping, Miyuki stands still & closes her eyes, listening. She can hear the heavy footsteps of the dwarf. The lighter footsteps of Aragorn. The almost soundless feet of Legolas & the running feet of the hobbits. Concentrating harder, she catches the sounds of a scuffle. Had she found them? Opening her eyes, she is about to move in the direction of the sound when a searing pain shoots through her head. Falling to her knees she clutches it.

Miyuki [grits teeth]: "Frodo...the ring. Oh not now. Please, not now!"

She can feel the heat of fire all around her. The forest around her has disappeared, replaced by the stone walls of Sammath Naur (Chambers of Fire) in Orodruin. Raising her head she sees the burning eye before her. She hears the words in her head.

Sauron: "Join me...join me & revenge your people...dragon master...

Miyuki [growls]: "I will not. Get out of my head!"

Summoning a burst of power, she forces the Dark Lord from her mind. Collapsing on the ground, she breathes hard. It had been much harder to fight back this time. He was using more force to claim her now. Tempting her with the grudge she held against humans. How much longer would she be able to last against him?

Raiden: "Miyuki? Miyuki?!"

Her dragon's worried voice enters her mind. Normally he would not be able to sense the mental attacks but if the attack were strong, Raiden would be affected to some degree.

Miyuki: "Raiden. Frodo must have put on the ring. Did you feel it too?"

Raiden: "Yes. That was much stronger than usual. He's getting desperate. Are you alright?"

Miyuki: "Yes. I'm alright, Raiden. Stay at camp. I'll call if I need you."

Sitting up, she closes her eyes, listening to the forest once again. She hears the feet of the dwarf, the elf & the hobbits but strangely she cannot hear Aragorn's. Casting her hearing net further, she hears the footsteps of Aragorn & of a single hobbit running in another direction. Frodo. She can hear hundreds of heavy footsteps in the direction where she heard Aragorn. An enemy? Opening her eyes, she runs in the direction of the sound.


Having escaped Boromir, Frodo lies on the ground, trying to catch his breath. Before him is a high structure on the cliff edge, surrounded by the pines. A stairway runs up through its center, to a seat dwarfed by stone eagles on top. Appearing from the trees, Aragorn approaches him.

Aragorn: "Frodo?"

Frodo[startled]: "Huh?! It has taken Boromir."

Aragorn [intensely]: "Where is the ring?"

Frodo: "Stay away!"

In a panicked scramble, the hobbit gets to his feet retreats from the man. Aragorn comes after him.

Aragorn: "Frodo!"

Frodo stops, slowly turning back to look at the man.

Aragorn: "I swore to protect you!"

Frodo: "Can you protect me from yourself?!"

He holds the ring upon his palm offering it to Aragorn.

Frodo: "Would you destroy it?"

Aragorn, eyes on the ring, slowly approaches Frodo.

Ring: "Aragorn...Aragorn...Elessar..."

He reaches out & with both hands closes Frodo's hand over the ring. He then pushes Frodo's closed hand to the hobbit's chest. He looks sadly at Frodo's face, knowing what the hobbit had to do.

Aragorn: "I would have gone with you to the end, into the very fires of Mordor."

Frodo: "I know. Look after the others, especially Sam. He will not understand."

Aragorn nods. Standing, the man draws his sword. Sting glows.

Aragorn: "Go, Frodo. Run. Run!"

Frodo runs from the hilltop.

From now on when there is mind communication or visions I will write in italics. It is much easier this way to distinguish between what is happening in the real world & what is happening within the mind. I will go back & change the previous instances into italics.


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