Chapter 30 || Frenemies.


I saw her huddled up on the floor, leaning against the wall. The mixture of mascara and tears were running down her face, leaving black stripes on her cheek.

Her head snapped at me as she heard me calling her name but her gaze immediately went back to the floor after she caught sight of me.

Her crying made me shiver immensely. Although I had every right to walk straight of the door and leave her to herself, I couldn't. I have never seen Jessica crying a single tear which made it even worse.

Without a word, I sat beside her and pulled her into a hug without having her protesting. Her head was leaning against my chest which seemed to calm her down a little bit.

I honestly have never felt more peculiar, having a crying Jessica in my arms. This is officially the weirdest situation I have ever been in. Who would have thought that one day, I'll be holding Jessica Weathers in my arms, trying to comfort her. This is so crazy.

After a few minutes, she seemed to have herself calmed down. Struggling a bit, she sat herself up straight and her sobbing lessened.

"I'm sorry.", she suddenly blubbered out. The glum expression on her face made me swallow.

"For what ?", I asked, somehow expecting already what she was going to say.

"For being the most horrible person on earth. You probably don't believe me but it's true."

My intuition told me that she was telling the truth, but judging by everything that has happened, I should be sceptical but I wasn't.

When people want attention from others they usually don't go cry into an empty class room after school where nobody can see them. She couldn't have known that I was going to go to my locker to get my chemistry book.

"I do believe you.", her head shot up and she looked at me intensely. "Why ?"

"You mean why do I believe you ?", she nodded. "I don't know. I just do somehow. I guess that there was a reason why you acted like you did. It surely doesn't justify what you did but I don't think that you did this because you are an evil person and like people to suffer for fun. We all do things we are not proud of for reasons we cannot control. The better question would be why are you sitting in an empty classroom, crying your heart out ?"

Her eyes narrowed and she looked out of the window. "I screwed up that's why.", she said, wiping the tears out of her face. "I truly want to apologize for what I have done to you. I guess you have to face plant it first in order to realize how pathetically you have been acting the whole time. Apparently, I was so much focused on being popular that I haven't realized that my "friends" were actually just using me to be popular. Karma's a bitch, huh.", she shook her head.

"You know.", she continued. "That whole thing that happened with Eddy wasn't even my idea. Kim goes nuts when it comes to Eddy and therefore decided to trick him into liking her. She even put my sister on Noah so that it looked to you like I was the one who planned everything. Don't get me wrong, my sister was also tricked into this, she didn't know what Kim was up to.", she shrugged.

It's like a completely different person is talking to me. I would have never expected words like this to come out of Jessica's mouth. I never imagined I'd be able to experience something like this in my life. That explains why I saw Jessica's sister at Noah's house

"At least you realized it. Better late than never.", I gave her a reassuring smile.

"You may won't believe me but I'm truly honest when I say that I hope that you and Noah are going to get together. I have to admit I never really liked him that way, I only got involved with him to increase my popularity. Oh God, I'm so pathetic.", she whined and buried her head between her legs.

"It's okay. You cannot turn the time back. It's no use crying over spilled milk. You are by far not the only one who screwed up. Besides, me and Noah are over. Well, we never really started but you know what I mean.", I shrugged.

I pretended not to care but the truth was that tears started to form in my eyes every time I thought about Marissa and Noah. God, why am I being so sentimental ? This isn't normally part of my vocabulary.

An astounded expression spread on her face. "Why ? What happened ?"

"You know you don't necessarily have to act to screw up, thing can also go wrong when you don't.", I responded. "I simply was too late and now I have to face the consequences and now Noah has another girl on whom he laid his eyes on. I'd be happy for him if Marissa wasn't such a bitch.", her eyes widened.

"Are you talking about Marissa Monroe?", I cocked an eyebrow at her question. "Yeah. You know her ?"

"I'm afraid so. You think I was a bitch ? She is worse. The difference between me and her is that I might be a bitch but I'm honest about it. If I don't like you, you'll know it. I'm loyal to my friends and don't backstab people who are important to me but Marissa is just glib. Her innocent appearance is just a shield to cover her true intentions. I used to be friends with her and I mean it when I say that you shouldn't try to mess with her. You'll go down like the Titanic. Me and Emma made the mistake once and even our mom didn't believe us.", she paused and shook her head.

"Long story short, Marissa ended up with Emma's boyfriend and our mom forced us to write her an apology letter for dying her hair orange. Oops.", Jessica started to giggle as she mentioned Marissa's orange hair.

I started laughing really hard, imagining Marissa with orange hair. Oh God, I wish I was there to see this. Seems like Jessica Weathers isn't as bad as everyone claims her to be.

"So what's the plan ?", I gazed at her confusedly. "Plan ? What plan ?", I asked, still wondering what plan she is referring to.

"Well, you don't want to leave the field clear for her, do you ?", she looked at me as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

"I'm not really that much of a revenge person like you, Jessica. It's really not my thing.", I complained.

"Then it's time to change that, honey. You can either sit here and whine all the time or do something to kick that sluts ass.", she replied determined."Nobody would assume you'd be behind it because you are on good terms with her."

"You just said that it is almost impossible. How do you want to do that ?", I questioned her plan.

"Maybe but Marissa is not perfect. Her biggest flaw is that she doesn't think about what she says and tends to prattle away when she is in rage. Sooner or later everybody's time will come and in Marissa's case I hope it will be as soon as possible. She'll make a mistake and we'll be there to uncover it."

"Plus.", she continued. "Dying her hair orange was totally worth it even though she got away with it so I don't have a problem if destiny would repeat itself.", she grinned at me.

Maybe Jessica is right. We need to expose Marissa's foul play or she'll never stop.

"Wait, how do I know that you are not trying to play me ?", I asked, causing Jessica to groan.

"You don't but let me ask you something. In all those years, have I ever tried to become your friend in order to harm you ?", I shook my head. "Exactly, If I don't like you, I'll say it to your face. I know I what I've done was not nice but I'm not Marissa. That's not the way I do things. I might not be an angel but I'm not in need of hoaxing people to boost my ego."

I believed her and I knew she was honest with what she said without asking her but I was curious what she would say and I have to admit that the answer was confirming than what I thought she would said. I still can't believe it but it seems like it's time to broaden my horizon.

She stood up, adjusted her blouse and stuck her hand out. "Friends ?"


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